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Hey! So, you sumbled onto my profile here. Just let me say:
'Kay. I'm good.

I guess I should tell you 'bout me, right? Well, I'm fourteen, a freshman in highschool, and I jumped out of my mama January 2. Oh, yeah, my name. My birth name is Amanda, but if you call me that I will rip your throat out.
Call me Mandi. Thanks Love!!
I have an amazingly perfect boyfriend named James. He means everything to me, and I don't know what I'd do without him. :) Aaaaaand, he's on Witty. Go follow him, please?? FlikeringHope is is name! :)
I fight for what I believe in, which means bringing anti-bullying things into my school. I fight for LGBTs and I give up my voice for a day every year for all of those who won't ever have one.
I have a beautiful twin, here on Witty. Her name is Amanda, but she goes by Mandy, just like me!! She's super pretty, so check her out!! ------> iluhyoux
I play four instruments: viola, violin, guitar, and piano. I taught myself the violin and piano, and most of the guitar. I was the viola section in my school orchestra. Sad, right? I really want to learn how to play the cello and orchestral bass. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. WITHOUT IT, I WOULD JUST BE A HALLOW SHELL. I end up in a whole different world when I'm playing music. I absolutly love it!
Anyway, enough about me. If you still want to know more (you little creepers... ;) ) just ask! I'll be willing to tell anything.

Just one last thing.
Thanks for reading, please read my quotes, and fav them if you want. Most of them aren't that good, but it would mean a lot to me if you faved them. I'll be starting a new story soon, called, "This is What I've Done" and I really hope you'll read it. It would mean so much to me!

Stay strong, and don't forget about yourself and what you want. Your happiness and ONLY your happiness is all that matters. Enjoy life. You really only get one shot at it. Don't mess it up.


Quotes by codababy37

I want to have a life with you.

I want to see you at my graduation, smiling and proud.
I want to go to college with you, enjoying our new found freedom.
I want to search for jobs with you, while we stress about making everything work.
I want to maybe get married before we graduate college, but it could always be after.
I want to get my diploma and hang it on the wall next to your's.
I want to go through that tetius process of buying our own house.
I want to paint that house blue with white shutters and porch and stairs.
I want to share in your excitement over our discovery of expantant life.
I want to see the look on your face at our baby, experiencing true love first hand.
I want to bring them home and watch them grow.

I want to have a life with you.

I want to make you soup when you're sick.
I want to drive you to the doctor when you need me to.
I want to make you breakfast and lunch and dinner.
I want to do the dishes, even when I'm tired.
I want to help you make the bed each morning, after kissing you awake.
I want to do your laundry, so you don't have to after work.
I want to fetch the remote for you just because you're too lazy.
I want to bring you a drink when you ask for it, even if it means stopping what I'm doing.
I want to buy you birthday and Christmas and Valentine's Day and anniversary presants.
I want to pick up things for you from the store.

I want to have a life with you.

I want to see your face acumulate all those wrinkles.
I want to see your hands become less strong.
I want to see your hair grey before my eyes.
I want to be with you as your earing fades.
I want to be with you as your eye sight fails you.
I want to be with you as your knees get arthritis.
I want to smile with you at our grandkids.
I want to smile with you every night, sunset after sunset.
I want to smile with you from our white porch swing you built in your thirties.
I want to be with you as you die.

I want to have a life with you.

I want to have a life with you, regardless of all the bad.
I want to have a life with you, over looking all your mistakes and flaws.
I want to have a life with you, until the day we die.
I want to have a life with you, through thick and thin.
I want to have a life with you, through job failures and huge promotions.
I want to have a life with you, with the death of beloved family pets and the arrival of new ones.
I want to have a llfe with you, where I never have to worry about how I look.
I want to have a life with you, a life that has no secrets.
I want to have a life with you, one that every little girl longs for.
I want to have a life with you, because you are who I love.

Baby, I want to have a life with you.
Can you give me that much?
I always make sure I get out of bed on the right side of the bed, so when someone comments on my bad mood and says
"Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed!"
I can prove that witch wrong.
Me: *on the phone with my boyfriend*
Me: *on Witty*
Me: Oh my gosh! I just got a notification!
Me: Oh. It's you...
Him: Oh, wow, thanks. I'm just gonna unfav that now.
Me: Nononononononono! Don't! I love you!
Him: I'm just going to unfav it.
Me: I didn't mean it that way! I meant that I thought it was someone else and I was feeling all special and then it was you and oh my god I'm not helping myself here.
Him: Thanks!
Bullied and need a pick me up?
Watch this:
You will feel so much better.
I promise. ♥
I love you more than you can imagine.
It's official, Beautifuls.

I have slow danced when there was no music playing. ♥

And no, not with my cat.
Hi, my name is Amanda. I'm freshly fifteen, so that puts me in my freshman year of high school. Back in December, I ended a relationship with the guy I thought I would marry. After two years, you'd think the same thing. But it ended, and I'm with a new guy. His name is James, and he's the sweetest guy to ever be born. He and I have been having a lot of issues lately, due to his mother. I think he should leave, and he won't. But whatever...  Recently, he and I did something that my mother didn't approve of, and his mother would kill for if she knew. Yeah, we lost our virginites to each other. There wasn't an issue before, because shark week started when it was supposed to, and ended appropietly. But, it was due last Thursday, and still hasn't arrived.
Should I be worried??
Me: Today is my one year anniversary!!!
Me: ...on Witty....
Me: ....
Me: ....
Me: ....
Eh, it's still something to celebrate.
Me: ...
But how???
Me: *prays to the WItty Gods for the answer*
Me: I can feel it...
Me: I can feel the need...
Me: *dances and breaks a lamp*
Me: ...
Lamp: ...
Me: ...
Lamp: ....
Good thing this only happens once...
Me: *to the lamp* And good thing you can only die once.

I am a strong and confident girl,
And I can conquor the world.
I won't let people get me down,
'Cause I'm going to win the crown.

I say this to myself when I'm feeling off. It helps. Try it. :)
I am such a dissapointment.