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Hey! So, you sumbled onto my profile here. Just let me say:
'Kay. I'm good.

I guess I should tell you 'bout me, right? Well, I'm fourteen, a freshman in highschool, and I jumped out of my mama January 2. Oh, yeah, my name. My birth name is Amanda, but if you call me that I will rip your throat out.
Call me Mandi. Thanks Love!!
I have an amazingly perfect boyfriend named James. He means everything to me, and I don't know what I'd do without him. :) Aaaaaand, he's on Witty. Go follow him, please?? FlikeringHope is is name! :)
I fight for what I believe in, which means bringing anti-bullying things into my school. I fight for LGBTs and I give up my voice for a day every year for all of those who won't ever have one.
I have a beautiful twin, here on Witty. Her name is Amanda, but she goes by Mandy, just like me!! She's super pretty, so check her out!! ------> iluhyoux
I play four instruments: viola, violin, guitar, and piano. I taught myself the violin and piano, and most of the guitar. I was the viola section in my school orchestra. Sad, right? I really want to learn how to play the cello and orchestral bass. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. WITHOUT IT, I WOULD JUST BE A HALLOW SHELL. I end up in a whole different world when I'm playing music. I absolutly love it!
Anyway, enough about me. If you still want to know more (you little creepers... ;) ) just ask! I'll be willing to tell anything.

Just one last thing.
Thanks for reading, please read my quotes, and fav them if you want. Most of them aren't that good, but it would mean a lot to me if you faved them. I'll be starting a new story soon, called, "This is What I've Done" and I really hope you'll read it. It would mean so much to me!

Stay strong, and don't forget about yourself and what you want. Your happiness and ONLY your happiness is all that matters. Enjoy life. You really only get one shot at it. Don't mess it up.


Quotes by codababy37

I just wanna find someone more reliable than my WIFI connection...
Oh, wait. My WIFI connection isn't reliable...
Ehh, at least I have him. ♥
I just made a very beautiful poem, but I bet it will only get one fav.

I know what it's like to be in love,
I know what it's like to find him.
It's far from simple,
And nearly impossible to describe.
Yet, here I am,
Attempting to let it out.

Think about this, okay?
Imagine what I say.
Put my words into thoughts or pictures,
Whatever works best for you.
Take in these words I write for you,
And then tell me what you feel.

Take a jar of butterflies,
And feel their wings beat and beat,
As they try to fly away.
Imagine the walls of the jar is really your stomach.
Imagine feeling them try to fly away,
Anytime you see that one person.

Take a sharp knife,
And feel the sharp edge
As you run you finger gently along it.
Imagine the knife in your chest.
Imagine it twisting and pullying,
Anytime they walk away.

Think of a flower,
And the way it looks,
As it opens up for the first time.
Imagine the way it's beauty is first unfolded.
Imagine the happiness it feels as it streatches to meet the sun.
That's what it's like, seeing that person.

Think of a feather,
And feel it's soft, lightness,
As it lands gently on your lips.
Imagine it somehow feeling very heavy,
Imagine it growing in size with the perfection of it.
That's what it's like, kissing them for the first time.

Here it is, love,
Written down just for you.
But this does nothing to compare,
To the real thing.
It's crazy, weird, and strange,
Yet perfectly amazing at the same time.

Here it is, love,
Written down as I have found it.
But this does nothing to compare,
To what you feel.
I am not you,
So I can not know how you see it.

Go, you beautiful person,
Go out into the world,
And find what you call love.
Then tell me, tell me as you see it,
Describe to me what love is.
I bet our two versions will be quite similar.

Love to you,
Is different,
From love to me.
Find your loved one,
Let them fill your life,
And be truley happy with them.

Him: Will you do me just one favor?
Me: Yeah, sure.
Him: Don't wear make-up. Girls are much prettier without it.
Me: I hardly ever wear make-up.
Him: Wow, really?
Me: Yeah...Why?
Him: You're naturally very beautiful.

I think I'm one of the only people who's actually greatful for the challenges and bad things that have happened to me. I have been shown that those who stay with you through difficult times are the ones who you should really trust. I have seen that those rough things shape you into the person that you are today. I have seen people with horrible childhoods who have come out as amazing people. Just because you are having a rough week or month or year, doesn't mean that it's for nothing. God created us for a reason, and our challenges are a part of us. Yeah, it's hard to deal with them at the time, but someday we get to look back on them and see that it was all for a reason. That group of kids are bullying you for something you can't help? You'll remember how much that hurt and you'll be able to help someone else going through the same thing. Many deaths in a short time? You can really empathize with others and help them through it when they have people die. Tough break up? You can be there for someone who's going through one, too.
Your challenges make you a good person, they make you strong.
They make you a person that people can trust.
They make you human.
Everything about you makes me smile. The way you look at me, whether you're angry or happy, is always the same and filled with love. The way you hug me tight and never seem to want to let go. I could get lost in your eyes. Your voice is so perfect that it lulls me to sleep. I don't care that you are quiet. I don't care that you aren't the captin of the football team. (I don't like sports anyway.) I love that you go out of your way to walk with me between classes, even if it's just a little bit. I love that you don't get upset when I fall asleep in the middle of a text at night, every night. Seeing you instantly makes me smile, and I can't help it. And I know that my smile makes you smile. When I see your smile, my stomach does this weird flip, and all I want is to fold myself into you and feel your arms wrap around me. Yeah, we've had some challenges, like my ex-boyfriend and your mother, but we got through them, and I'm sure we can handle anything else. You are my world, and I love you. I love you more than life it's self. Don't ever leave me.
I want you to know that...

- I would never give you up.
- You mean everything to me.
- If you feel down, I'm here for you.
- Call me in the middle of the night. I DON'T CARE! I will answer.
- I can always beat up any bullies you run into.
- Your problems are my problems; we will work through this together.
- No matter how mad I become with you, I will never walk away.
- He may want me back, but I'm your's now.
- You said you wanted me, so now you're stuck with me. :P
- I'm going to argue with you if I think I'm right. (Which is all the time.)
- I don't want to rush into things. If I say no, respect that, or leave.
- When I say "I love you", I mean it, and not just for now, but for ever.

J.E.M. I love you, forever and always. :) ♥
It's my fifteenth birthday. Can I get fifteen favs?
Have you ever read or seen "A Walk to Remember"?
In the time that I've been here on Witty, which really isn't long, I have come to realize that a lot of these beautiful and handsome people cut. I don't understand. I don't understand how it is that they could mark up their skin and create all these scars. I've had it explained to me by my ex-boyfriend. "It" meaning cutting. It's a way to releave all the pressure built up inside of you. But, I still don't understand.
Well, I didn't understand. Not until today.
I've cut before. I'm finally ready to admit that. I cut because some kid said something horrible to me right in front of my friend, and she never did anything about it. I don't know why I did it. I felt better after, but I also felt so embarrassed. I felt like a hyprocrite. I'm on here, always saying that you don't need to mark up your skin. And yet, I did it.
I didn't have anything sharp, so I just scratched at my arm with my nail until it began to bleed. On that day, I promised myself that I would never do it again. And I hadn't. I hadn't cut in four or five months. And i just broke that promise. I cut. Just now. A centimeter away from the cut I promised over. I scratched again, but this time I didn't let it get too far. I didn't physically bleed, but I was close to it.
I stopped myself. I couldn't believe what I was doing. And now I hate myself. I don't know what to do right now.
I don't know if you actually read all this, but if you did, I love you. If you have any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

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