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Hey! So, you sumbled onto my profile here. Just let me say:
'Kay. I'm good.

I guess I should tell you 'bout me, right? Well, I'm fourteen, a freshman in highschool, and I jumped out of my mama January 2. Oh, yeah, my name. My birth name is Amanda, but if you call me that I will rip your throat out.
Call me Mandi. Thanks Love!!
I have an amazingly perfect boyfriend named James. He means everything to me, and I don't know what I'd do without him. :) Aaaaaand, he's on Witty. Go follow him, please?? FlikeringHope is is name! :)
I fight for what I believe in, which means bringing anti-bullying things into my school. I fight for LGBTs and I give up my voice for a day every year for all of those who won't ever have one.
I have a beautiful twin, here on Witty. Her name is Amanda, but she goes by Mandy, just like me!! She's super pretty, so check her out!! ------> iluhyoux
I play four instruments: viola, violin, guitar, and piano. I taught myself the violin and piano, and most of the guitar. I was the viola section in my school orchestra. Sad, right? I really want to learn how to play the cello and orchestral bass. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. WITHOUT IT, I WOULD JUST BE A HALLOW SHELL. I end up in a whole different world when I'm playing music. I absolutly love it!
Anyway, enough about me. If you still want to know more (you little creepers... ;) ) just ask! I'll be willing to tell anything.

Just one last thing.
Thanks for reading, please read my quotes, and fav them if you want. Most of them aren't that good, but it would mean a lot to me if you faved them. I'll be starting a new story soon, called, "This is What I've Done" and I really hope you'll read it. It would mean so much to me!

Stay strong, and don't forget about yourself and what you want. Your happiness and ONLY your happiness is all that matters. Enjoy life. You really only get one shot at it. Don't mess it up.


Quotes by codababy37

I just sent this message to my ex-boyfriend:
(By the way, James is my current boyfriend, and his best friend.)

How dare you. How dare you say that to James. How can you possibly tell him that from now on, all conversations with him will be started with an insult. You had better leave him the hell alone, or I will hunt you down. Just because he has me now and you don't, doesn't mean that you can start threatening him and being horrid to him. He is your best friend, Shane! He's told me some of the things you two have been through. And now you have the nerve to be this nasty to him? Forget everything I said. I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry that I made James tell me, and I'm not sorry I told my mother. I'm not sorry that I broke up with you, and I'm most definitely not sorry I started dating your best friend. He deserves me. You don't any more.

Now I want to cry. Not from being sad, but from hating him so much.

My mom got me One Direction concert tickets for Christmas.

I cried.


I love him. ♥


And now I'm single. :)


Looks like I won't be participating in Thanksgiving this year. :(


I'm about to cry, and none of you realize it.


You don't think he's worth it.

The one who I rush to school to see.
The one who I text as soon as I walk out the door.
The one who I want to kiss every time I see him.
The one who I want when I cry. (Which is right now.)
The one who I long for every night.
The one who I couldn't live a day without.
The one who I would die if he did.

And you have the nerve to think it's just a crush?
You want me to give up on him 'cause it's just a crush?
After two years it's still just a crush?

No. You're wrong.
No. I'm not leaving him.
No. He's mine, for ever.

And you don't think he's worth it.

I finally got my first cell phone, and what am I doing with it?

Texting my grandma.

This is What I've Done
Chapter 1
     School began on Monday, and so I drove the three miles to the school—err, my new school. I had planned on keeping my head down and ignoring everyone, but that plan failed immensely. I was noticed by a tall, brown haired, green eyed boy. He followed me around everywhere during the day, and I finally confronted him after school.
     “Why are you following me? Who do you think you are?” I said to him. We were standing in the parking lot. I could feel people staring.
     “My name is Darrian. You’re Anya-Grace Zevin, right?” he said.
     “Yes. My name is Anya-Grace. Answer my question,” I snapped.
     “I just did.”
     “No, about the ‘following me’ part.” I was beginning to feel irritated with this kid.
     “I wasn’t following you. We just happen to have all the same classes.” He stepped closer to me and squinted. “Hey, you’re eyes are purple. That’s cool. Is it natural?”
     I sighed. “Yes. It runs in the family. Just, do me a favor, okay? Leave me alone.”
     “Trust me; you don’t want to mix in with me.” I walked away and got into my car, just seconds before Allie did.
     “Hey Anya! Guess what? I already made two friends! I think I love it here. There’s this one girl who . . .” she started rambling, but I hardly heard her. I was distracted by a tall, brown haired, green eyed boy. Darrian was really cute, but I didn’t come to New Hampshire to mix in with some guy. I knew what boys were like—well, New York boys.
     “Anya! Are you even listening to me?” I looked over at her and she could tell that I wasn’t. She sighed. “Never mind.”
     “No, Allie, I’m sorry. What were you saying?”
     “Never mind. It’s really not that important.” She crossed her arms across her chest.
     “Allie, please. I’m sorry. I was distracted by someone I met today.” I hoped that maybe this little hint would get the reaction I wanted.
     She turned to me, uncrossed her arms, and said, “Really? Was it a boy? Do you like him? Does he like you? Is he cute? Anya-Grace, who is he?” Yup. There’s the reaction I wanted.
     “I’m not going to tell you a word until you tell me what you won’t.”
     “Fine. My teachers think I’m really smart and said that I could possibly skip eighth grade and go straight into ninth grade,” she said rapidly. “Now, answer my questions about this boy!”
     “First of all, that’s great! I think you should talk to Mom and Dad about it,    though, but you should totally do it. Secondly, I never even said that this person was a boy. Maybe I made a friend and she’s really super awesome and I just couldn’t wait to find out more about her because I think she’s just that awesome.”
     “You’re lying. I have never seen you smile so much before. Well, yes I have, when you started dating Richie. Either way, it’s totally a boy. What’s his name?”
     I sighed. She knew me too well. “His name is Darrian. He’s tall, very tall, and he has brown hair and green eyes. He’s so perfect! And he noticed my purple eyes.” I smiled at the memory.
     “Anya! You like him. So much! Ah! You two are going to be the perfect couple.” Allie was nearly drooling over this story.
     We went on like this for the rest of the car ride; me supplying new details, and Allie drooling over them. I was beginning to feel exhausted, but I was glad she was happy.

Author's Note: I don't know about this story, but would you guys be willing to read it if I continued? I wrote the basic story line of it as a short story for English class, and my mom said it was good enough to make a novel out of it. So, imma try it out. Please tell me what you think, and fav it if you actually read it. Thanks!!

Chapter 1:
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