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Hey! So, you sumbled onto my profile here. Just let me say:
'Kay. I'm good.

I guess I should tell you 'bout me, right? Well, I'm fourteen, a freshman in highschool, and I jumped out of my mama January 2. Oh, yeah, my name. My birth name is Amanda, but if you call me that I will rip your throat out.
Call me Mandi. Thanks Love!!
I have an amazingly perfect boyfriend named James. He means everything to me, and I don't know what I'd do without him. :) Aaaaaand, he's on Witty. Go follow him, please?? FlikeringHope is is name! :)
I fight for what I believe in, which means bringing anti-bullying things into my school. I fight for LGBTs and I give up my voice for a day every year for all of those who won't ever have one.
I have a beautiful twin, here on Witty. Her name is Amanda, but she goes by Mandy, just like me!! She's super pretty, so check her out!! ------> iluhyoux
I play four instruments: viola, violin, guitar, and piano. I taught myself the violin and piano, and most of the guitar. I was the viola section in my school orchestra. Sad, right? I really want to learn how to play the cello and orchestral bass. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. WITHOUT IT, I WOULD JUST BE A HALLOW SHELL. I end up in a whole different world when I'm playing music. I absolutly love it!
Anyway, enough about me. If you still want to know more (you little creepers... ;) ) just ask! I'll be willing to tell anything.

Just one last thing.
Thanks for reading, please read my quotes, and fav them if you want. Most of them aren't that good, but it would mean a lot to me if you faved them. I'll be starting a new story soon, called, "This is What I've Done" and I really hope you'll read it. It would mean so much to me!

Stay strong, and don't forget about yourself and what you want. Your happiness and ONLY your happiness is all that matters. Enjoy life. You really only get one shot at it. Don't mess it up.


Quotes by codababy37

So I'm the secretary of the GSA at my school
(GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance.)
and we're talking about doing a presentation for the elementary kids about bullying and such.

I think it'll be so much better if we could do some hands on type stuff,
like acting things out with the kids.

Do you guys have any ideas that I could bring up in our meeting tomorrow? I would totally love you forever (not in a creepy way...) if you did so!
Better yet, I'll follow you if you can come up with a really good idea.

This is What I've Done
Chapter 1
(There is no prologue.)

     “See, Anya? This place isn’t that bad,” my mother said cheerfully at my side.
     I stood facing my new home with a large box in my arms. Who would want to live in the middle of nowhere after living in the heart of New York City? My parents, that’s who. I hated this place already and I wanted to go home. I voiced this to my mother.
     “You are home,” my father growled at me as he walked into the house with three boxes. He disappeared into the house before I could say anything.
     “Ah, good old Dad,” I said sarcastically. “Always the sunshine in my rain clouds.”
     “He’s just upset about last month,” my mother’s kind smile had hardened into a fine line, nearly making her lips vanish.
     I sighed heavily. “He just needs to let that go,” I said, and walked into the house. I ran up the stairs and into my bedroom. I discarded my box onto my bed and wandered my way to my window. I had the greatest view of the trees—red, orange, and yellow from the cold, October air—and through them I could just barely make out a creek. Sure, it was pretty, but it wasn’t New York City. I sighed, and turned around, only to find my little sister, Allie, standing in my doorway. “What do you want?” I snapped.
    “You really shouldn’t hate Mom and Dad so much. It is all your fault that we’re here. You do know that, right?” she said, crossing her arms and leaning on my door.
     I ignored her.
     “If only you hadn’t—“ she began.
     “Don’t say it!” I yelled. “I know what I did, and I don’t need you to tell me again. I’ve heard enough from the judge. I’ve heard enough from Mom and Dad. Just shut up, and go away!”
     “Fine. But you know what you did, and you should just realize it already.” And then she was gone. I felt a little bad about snapping at her, but she just needs to let bygones be bygones.

Author's Note: I don't know about this story, but would you guys be willing to read it if I continued? I wrote the basic story line of it as a short story for English class, and my mom said it was good enough to make a novel out of it. So, imma try it out. Please tell me what you think, and fav it if you actually read it. Thanks!!

Do you see that girl over there?

Do you see how she's always reading a book?
It's because she can finally escape from reality.
Do you see how she somehow lost five pounds over night?
It's because she's wearing a slimmer. She's insecure about her weight.
Do you see how she's so quiet?
It's because she's afraid of being judge for what she says.
Do you see how she seems so smart?
It's because she's afraid of the disappointment from her mother.
Do you see how she never smiles?
It's because she doesn't have much to smile for.
Do you see how she waits every morning for her boyfriend?
It's because she's worried that he won't come to school.

But today, do you see the tear stains?
Do you see the way she seems to be lost?
Do you see how much her hands are shaking?
Do you see how she isn't really paying attention?
It's all because her godmother is dying nearly three hours away from her.
It's all because her mother is there, not home.
It's all because the day after her mom left, she found out that somebody called her a c*nt.
It's all because she's bullied.

Do you even know her?
Her life story?
Her name?

I'll tell you what.
That girl?
Yeah, she's me.

Yellow as yellow can be,
God, she belongs with you, not me.
My relatives had made mistakes,
But they're only human.
Please forgive them,
The truly did love her.
I know she's in a better place,
I mean, she is with you,
But she was my aunt, my godmother,
And I loved her.
She will reside in my heart,
For as long as I shall live.
As long as I love her,
She will never truly die.
I sure do miss my Aunt Joan,
But she was suffering,
And with you is where she belongs.
Thank you for making it painless,
Thanks for making it fast.
Keep an eye over her,
And I'll make sure her love lasts.

I love you Aunt Joan,
Rest In Peace,
Or rather,
Return If Possible.

10/26/2012 </3


Yup, that's me right now.

Yesterday was my two year anniversary with my boyfriend. Two years! It's crazy!! We went and saw Taken 2, that's about it. (Good movie, though. Go see it! lol)

Last Saturday was Homecoming. I slow danced with him, and he told me I looked amazing.
But, please, explain to me why I wanted to cry?

And now that the inital happiness of those things has past, this is now me:


Yeah, I know. Kinda a big leap.

My boyfriend has been ignoring me and ditching me for a mutual friend of ours quite a bit. And I keep finding out more and more things about the two of them, and I'm starting to feel quite jealous and protective of my boyfriend. I sent a message to her, trying to get her to see things the way I was:

Think about it. If you found out from a third party that Chris (her boyfriend at the time.) constantly texts me (first) and hugs me all the time, when you have to force him to hug you and you can't text him because you don't have a phone. And then imagine that Chris would stop video calling you to video call me, but thinks it's fine because he can just message you. And then, when you finally get a hold of Chris for the first time basically all week, he asks you to call me and tell me to call him.

I just don't know what to do anymore. At. All.

About a month ago, my hip started bothering me a lot. Imagine having someone squeeze your hip and having it stabbed at the same time, okay? Then imagine sparks going down both sides of your leg before crashing onto the top of your knee, like a wave, but more like lightning or knives. Try concentrating on a song in orchestra while this is happening.

Either way, I made an appointment with my docter, and he mentioned a FULL LEG BRACE. What the hell did I do to my hip?? (And no, I honestly don't know...) He ordered an x-ray, which I had done, and said that after that, we'd decide what to do after that. Maybe physical theorapy or a bone docter. Wait, what??

Oh, wait, I'm complaining. I'll stop now. Sorry for my rant, However, some advice on what I should do about my boyfriend and my best friend would be greatly appriciated. *hint, hint* hehe

I keep seeing all these quotes about people saying that if a guy calls you beautiful, then he's talking about you're personality, he loves you, blah blah blah. You know what? My boyfriend calls me beautiful almost every day. He says he loves me and tells me I'm beautiful after each one of our fights.
And yet, somebody decided to write, "Nobody likes you Mandi" on the desk that I sit at in science.
Enlighten me. How is it that nobody likes me? Seriously???
It'll be two years next month.
And to whomever wrote that, thanks. I probably failed my test.


I have every book in the Junie B. Jones series.

Huh, I wonder how much they'll be worth in a few decades.....


Tomorrow is the first home JV football game, and I'm going since my boyfriend will be playing. The day after? FIRST DAY OF FRIGGIN HIGH SCHOOL. AH!

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