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Paige.13.New York So here are the basics.. my name is paige and i am obviously thirteen and i live in new york.. the city that never sleeps.. ;) .. my favorite sports are: basketball and favorite movie is grown ups.. my favorite book is the pretty little liars series which i am reading now.. ok... so a little about me is that i am OBSESSED with cody simpson.. he is my lovey and my future husband so he's mine girls so BACK OFF haha! ;] my dream is to live in AUSTRALIA and meet ilove_him in real life.. check her out if youcan while your at it... hehe so about me is that i am very outgoing and i talk way too much!! once i am like really confortable with you i start acting like totally crazy so be aware haha.. i love winky faces like this ;) and this ;] so i will overuse them if i ever talk to you.. i am really short like 5'2 but im still growing.. thank god.. i am jewish and my bat mitzvah will be on may 26th.. i have never had my first kiss yet but i am waiting for the right one to come.. i am not like one of those girls that dresses half naked for boys so don't worry.. i came on witty so that i can show my true feeling to all of you witty girls because i know that us all are very very similar.. so i hope you enjoy my quotes... you can leave a comment whenever & also : comment/fave/follow ♥

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