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Vas Happenin'? :).well there isnt much to tell about myself, but i'll try. My name is Alexys, and im going into the 8th grade. Dance is my passion. I love music, lyrics describe my life. The only reason im here today, are One Direction and my crush. People say that One Direction dont teach good inspiration's but to me they are. @Plasicbieber (on twitter) is a BITCH.Look her up on twitter or evern google her, her tweets are rude and disrespectful. Sorry to anyone that likes her but to me she is a huge bitch.I blow out my candles on May 20th. Well i guess thats it:).so FOLLOW ME!:)


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there is going to be 

PS:kim...text me..:p
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i love you
like a love song

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happy birthday to me! <3 :)
nights in paris used to feel so right.rather stay in my hotel and talk to all night, EVENINGS IN LONDON never felt so sad.i wish you were here to share these days so bad.
we shut it down all around the globe,everyone tries but they cant get close,turn off the lights no matter where we go we glow

-jessica jarrell,glow
i found out that my crush likesme alittle...i think it was a joke...heartbroken</3
i been trying to find the right words
                         but they always find a way to hit the page wrong<3

fav.this qoute if...
you were directoners BEFORE  the KCAS last night<3...people now call them directoners sense last night!its insane...they dont know there inside CARROTS,CATS(cant say the real word),1-2-3 FLICK,SUPERRRRMANN,VAS' HAPPINN',do u know what those mean?dont think so
Michael Jackson

died at age 58.

Whitney Houston

died at age 48.

John F. Kennedy

died at age 38.

Amy Winehouse

died at age 28. old is  JUSTIN BIEBER? ;D

if we never flew, we would never fall<3