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hello flawless
well it seems you have cme across our collab (:

so i guess this is my box where i tell you all about me even though i hate talking about myself

well im an average teenager loves my family and friends most of the time hates drama  has guy issuses && has issuses with herself

editing photos
being young
makeing people smile and giveing advice

my brother
people who cause drama
being fat and ugly
not being good enough
and alot more .

about my charter :
ryann: has long brown hair and bright blue eyes does cheering gymnatics dance soccer && hockey ; shes wildly pouplar : all seems good right ? wrong ,   she lives at home with her father and younger brother and sister . them seem to be the perfect family but there not ;

more to come about her as the story goes on .


Goodday, lovelies.
Hola, My name is Savannah.

I'm American, and 14.

A lot of you may not know me, but I'm a writer here on witty. It's my passion... Photography, too.♥

I la la love paramoree..
This is not the only collab, or story I'm doing so check out my page and find out...

I believe any writer is a good writer.

Want to know more... I have other pages, too.

Don't be afraid to talk to me...

Xoxo. ♥

 My characters Lucy.... ♥♥♥

ey! its summerbabe, my name isnt important to you so call me that for noww.
i love witty, writing and quotes.
i love dance and cheerleeading its pretty much my life, and im so excited to be writing in this collab, i hope all of you enjoy this, and this lovely layout was made by peanut43998, and the fanart made by yours truely mee, so go on my account and check me outt<3

hello beautiful!
Allie here!(: I am 14, and I love cheerleading, singing, Witty, and most importantly, writing!
My dream is to be an author someday- my favorite author is Jodi Picoult. She's amazing, read her books!
Love what you do, do what you love.
Don't let haters keep you from your passion.
I love to talk, so don't be a stranger!


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ImmaBeSmiling 8 years ago
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love this story! please let me know when the next chappter's up!
xdramaxmamax 8 years ago
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Oh my goodness, I just read your new chapter. You are one of the best writers on Witty. Seriously! (:
xdramaxmamax 8 years ago
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Great story! Please check mine out? I would really appreciate it. P.S. you guys are amazing writers!