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My name is Shannon.  I'm from New York. I'm 15.  I'm the oldest child. My parents are divorced. Diagnosed with depression. Single. I love to run, idk why, it's just something I like doing. I love pizza.  Love the bands, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Staind, Seether, Skillet, Disturbed,  Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars & Evanescence, Papa Roach. Miley Cyrus is my inspiration because of how much they been through & still here today living life the way they want without giving a damn on how anyone thinks of them. I post song lyrics quotes from tumblr.

Quotes by collasped

when you left me i sat there for hours
not thinking
because i know if i did 
id remember that you werent there
funny how a paper cut or stubbing your toe can feel like the worst pain
but I can take a knife to my skin and feel
nothing at all
just empty numbness...
Thats the thing about pain,
it demands to be felt.
What this palace wants
is release.
I feel like I'm
frozen in time.
You've woken up
the demon in me.
I bleed it out,
digging deeper
just to throw it away
Did I fall asleep
Is this all a dream?
Wake me up
I'm living a nightmare.
I've never been perfect,
but neither have you.*
You're just another lost soul