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Quotes by colorfuldarkness

It happens to me quite often.
ever sense i was four,
after i befriend someone and now it happens more.
they warm me up and leave me cold,
not knowing what to do.
And frightend me to think that you might leave me too.
This has turned me into ice,
and my heart into a stone.
And now im telling you love i am ment to be alone.
I dont care much for making friends.
I find them in a book.
Maybey cause others made me scared to try again.
Scared to even look.
But now my ice is melting, and my heart is coming back.
and gaining in my friendships that once ago I've lacked.
This much i know is true;
Love, i feel much better,
sense i've befriended you. 
That awkward moment when
you're in art dancing to
"On your wayward son"
on a chair
with a paintbrush in your hair.
Wearing a apron and the Headmaster comes in.
Please tell me i'm not the only


on here.
*Bedtime quotes*
Me: It's time for bed honey.
Me: Ok mommy, could you tell me a bedtime story tonight?
Me: sure, what story would you like?
Me: The one where i'm not crazy,and i don't talk to myself at 2 in the morning.
"What's it like in your funny little brains?

Must be so boring."

-Sherlock Holmes
SH: Alone is what i need, alone protects me.
John:  No, friends protect you sherlock.               
"I don't have friend's,
I've just got one."
-Sherlock Holmes 
Falling's just like flying,
except theres a more permanet destination.

- Moriarty
*Sherlock Quotes*
Mycroft: Just once can you two behave like grown ups?

He solves crimes I blog about it ,and he forgets his pants.               So i wouldn't put to much hope into that.