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How do you run away from things that are in your head?

  a little about this broken girl.
Do your thoughts scare you?  Do do

Life's greatest gift is the freedom to walk out whenever you choose.

In other words, suicide.

Quotes by confessions_of_a_cutter

I feel really weird tonight. Like

something is going to happen. I

just feel detached from everything.

I feel invisible, lifeless, empty.

I feel like I no longer exist. 


The lonliest people are the

kindest. The saddest people smile

the brightest. The most damaged

people are the wisest. All because

they do not wish to see anyone

else suffer the way they do. 


That's the thing about pain.

It demands to be felt.

Hello depression, my old friend.
It's nice to walk with you again.

The worst kind of pain?
When you're smiling
just to stop your
 tears from falling.

Please don't cry
When the time to part has come
It's not for what you've said
Or anything you have done
I will make it quite easy
I'll soon be on my way
I'm going home, I'll be gone today

Leave me alone in my room 
at night, and all I can think
about is dying. Put me in a
room crowded with people,
I still can't forget how fully
miserable I am.

I try to be strong, I really do.
But I can't help bursting out
in tears sometimes, because
I just don't see how it's going
to get better.


If I'm so wrong, 
How can you listen all night long?
How will it matter after I'm gone?
Because you never learned a god damned thing.


It's Friday and you're at school.
You know it's your last day, but no one else does.
It's a long hard day, but you take it harder than anyone else.
The bell rings, so you say goodbye to your friends. It's the last time you will see them, but they don't know that.

It's Sunday night and you've had enough. You know it's time.
You grab your knife, that rope, those pills.
You're hurting, you're crying, but you want and NEED to do this.
It's over. Done. Finished. 
You just killed yourself. There's no turning back now. You're gone.

It's Monday morning.
A normal day for everyone will soon change.
Everyone expected you to turn up today, but you're not there.
No one knows why, but why would they care?
They soon find out what you did and don't know how to react.
They thought "they never saw the signs" or "this is so unexpected."

But to me, you know what's so unexpected?
All of you pretend to care when I'm gone.
I'm sorry, but it's too late then.