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 im not back,
i just get bored sometimes.

Quotes by confidence

i   w o n d e r ; ;
everyone  should  have  their moment to act like a total  brat.
its FREEINGits  like,  throw away your manners and just get a
little  r e c k l e s s.  say  ( WHAT YOU WANT )  then walk  away...
leave  them  with  their   [----- mouth -x- hanging -x-open. ------]
i think its time to do exactly what you want. i think its time to
i know ( im not ) good enough, but frankly?
im fine with that.
& & +   i m   f i n d i n g   i t
hard to believe;
that   [ all you could ]  want  is
im not saying you cant have your time to  s h i n e ... but girl,
wash your face.
i feel like bella swan .
i  finally  understand  her.  i  know  how  she  feel when   she
sees  pictures of  her  and  edward  together.   i  totally  get  her
total and utter amazementhat edward cullen, an immortal
vampire,  would  f a l l   i n   l o v e  with her.  i understand the
disbelief  and  insecurity  that  she  must  endure  everyday  ,
with  a  boyfriend  so  gorgeous  that  any  girl  in  the   world
would want him.  i get it.   like her, a guy too perfect for me to
believe,  a  guy  almost  t o o   s w e e t  and hot to exist,  fell  for
a  girl  who  b a r e l y  m a k e s  the cut of  average.  why would
someone who could date someone prettier and smarter and...
b e t t e r  choose me?  isabella swan,  im right there with you
a s    y o u   a r e   w o n d e r i n g . . . w h y   c h o o s e   m e ?
      < 3
i dont find it possible
to  hate  you  any  more  than  i  do  right  now .  </3
summer is the movement .
its about  you.   its about freedom.   its about waking up past noon
and  staying  in  your  PJs  all  day.   its  about  going  to  camp  and
seeing the girls  and  guys  you've  known  since  you  were  8,  who
make  going  there worth  it.  its about staying up past 12AM doing
absolutely  nothing.  summer's  about breaking the  bank  on  going
to the movies just..  because.  summer's  about  g o r g i n g  on  ice
cream  and  watermelon  and  french  fries..  then  going  for  a  run
because you feel guilty.  its about buying sunglasses you only wear
indoors,  and finding that perfect picture for your  facebook  profile.
summer is having the c h a n c e to do anything you ever  wanted..
and then blowing that chance just because... i t s   s u m m e r. 
summer is about the sun .
the pool. the ocean. its about wearing the same outfit two days in a row
and not giving a shitttt.  summer is about suffering through a  sunburn...
then enjoying the tan.   its about wearing short - shorts  and  camis  and
not worring about being called  " s l u t t y . " summer is about spending
time  only  with ]  the  people  you  WANT,  and  not  being  forced  to
see your enemies  every single day.  its  about figuring out  the  perfect
outfit  for  the  first  day  of  school...  on  the  first  day  of july. summer's
about  the  flip  flops.  the  lip gloss.   the  c r a z y  sleepovers  and  the
crazier phone  calls.  but best of all,  summer is  about  the  memories...
and  the  b e s t   f r i e n d s   who  helped  you  make  each  one      <3
even if the last thing you want to see is my  face; 
thats  what  you're  [  g o i n g   t o   b e ]  seeing.
even  if  the last thing you want to touch is  me...
i m    g o i n g    t o     h o l d     y o u r     h a n d
and baby, even if the last thing you want to know
is  the  truth.. - - - - - - - >>>  im going to
i love you..
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