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 im not back,
i just get bored sometimes.

Quotes by confidence

i'd apologize...
but your face when [ i did it ] made it soo freaking worth it.

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i have none. every sacrifice was worth it.

* what i like about this quote,
is it can be applied to anything
in your life, be it a guy, a sport,
or something you did.
its just true <3
dont jock [:
when i fell in love,
e v e r y t h i n g    fell   i n t o    place.   it   was   e y e - o p e n i n g ,
it  was  m i n d - b l o w i n g,  it was incredible.  i had
no friggin  idea
i had  been   living ]  my  entire  life  as  only a piece.  i was a  half.
but  when  i met you and fell in love. . .  i  discovered you completed
me;  you  were  my  other  half.  e v e r y t h i n g  i  wasnt.  you  filled
in.  and once i learned that,  i could  never go back to the way  i  had
been,  because  i had a taste of how  perfect  life could  be  with  you.
i  had discoveredan entirely new level of happiness when i had  you.
without you,  i  was nothing like the person i've become. today?
i've become a whole.  
if you promise
: to love me forever, then i promise to
love you forever and a day.
&+ you know;
------>>  she'll  -x-  never  -x-  love  -x-  you  -x-  like  -x- i  -x-  do.
i t ' s    s o    h a r d   to
express this feeling;
because   n o b o d y  compares  to  you.
 i sayou;
with your new girl just
And I feel that I must
c o n f e s s ;
Even though it [ kills me ]
to have to say... i'll admit,
I  W A S  I M P R E S S E D .
( Physically just short of perfection )
Gotta commend you on your
s e l e c t i o n .
Though I know I shouldn't be
C O N C E R N E D . . .
In the back of my mind,
 i  can't  [ help but

&+ even though we've moved on, it gets so hard to
walk away.
S C H O O L .
A place of learning. a place of education. &+ let me tell you, i've learned
LOADS this year. in 1st period? i learned his favorite color is blue, and he
thinks Megan Fox is sexy.  In 4th period? I found out hes scared of spiders
and he doesnt like blondes. But it's 7th period that i definitely learned the
most.  i learned he loves to play soccer.  and yeah,  i learned he's allergic
to dogs. but most importantly?  i learned....  he's in love with her,  not me.
&+ t h a t   w a s   t h e   h a r d e s t   t h i n g   t o   l e a r n   a l l   y e a r.
remember those walls i built? baby, they're
 tumbling down.
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