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 im not back,
i just get bored sometimes.

confidence's Favorite Quotes

                                you got to learn to love yourself
before you love anyone else

before anyone can understand you
y  o  u    g  o  t    t  o      f  a  l  l    t  o     t  h  e    g  r  o  u     n  d                     
   before you learn how to pick yourself up again

i can honestly say - 
             you are as slutty as they come, my dear(;
summer is about the sun .
the pool. the ocean. its about wearing the same outfit two days in a row
and not giving a shitttt.  summer is about suffering through a  sunburn...
then enjoying the tan.   its about wearing short - shorts  and  camis  and
not worring about being called  " s l u t t y . " summer is about spending
time  only  with ]  the  people  you  WANT,  and  not  being  forced  to
see your enemies  every single day.  its  about figuring out  the  perfect
outfit  for  the  first  day  of  school...  on  the  first  day  of july. summer's
about  the  flip  flops.  the  lip gloss.   the  c r a z y  sleepovers  and  the
crazier phone  calls.  but best of all,  summer is  about  the  memories...
and  the  b e s t   f r i e n d s   who  helped  you  make  each  one      <3
the wþrld
             is going to throw us a
m i l  l i  o  n   r e s  o  n s ]]
why this won't work out between us.
              but i am armed with
[[ o n e  r e a s o n  w h y  i t  w i l l ]]

uhh lots of colors..
sorry if its not that good
and noo credit for the "i love you" and "the world"
haha andd its a request
so no credit for words either
i guess i just made it pretty?(:
rate if you like thanks<3
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&& Long After They Stopped Texting;;
she still lays in her bed,
phone next to her head.
hands behind her head
thinking about him, and 
she can't help but wonder
is he thinking about her?

êêê W H E N I T 'S D A R K E N O U G H
yo can  se th stars
" I Love You, More. " <3
You know it's  (love)
when you and your
boy, are constantly
having these kind  
of " fights " .   <3

i do know what love is.             i just havent
found someone to give it a [[
definition ]]
quite yet (:
doesnt it suck
how   [   the   scenes   ]   you  replay
o v e r    &   o v e r    in   your   head
are     m-o-m-e-n-t-s    he'll    never
t h i n k    [   t w i c e   ]    a b o u t ?