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Quotes by confused_x

The words "it's over" don't make the pain.
It's after all that
When you're on your own, and all you want to do is text him.
When you're hating that it's so easy for him not to contact you , so you know you have to be strong enough not to reach for your phone and contact him.
It's that aching in your hear when you think of him, when you think of all the hurt and pain between you. 
When you're desperatley wantin him to text you, but he doesn't.
His Silence is the painful thing. 

You don't know how strong you are; 
Untill being strong is the only choice you have.

Have You Hurt Me?
Yes, you have.

Have I Hurt You?

Yes, I have.

Do You Miss Me?

You tell me you do.

Do I Miss You?

You know I do.

Will You Get Over Me?

Of course you will.

Will I Get Over You?

Some day, yes I will.

Smile, Though Your Heart Is Breaking.
Smile, Even Though It's Aching :)

You've made quite an impact on me...

Not Once; But Twice
We've broken up.
But you want me back again. 
I want to know why?
So you can hurt me again?

Ho dare he

Finish things with me and then make it impossible for me to get over him.

I know I'm better of without him.

That doesn't mean i don't want him.

I never thought the pain would leave.
But now I only hurt once day

(once a day, all day long)

I'm not jealous
I just don't  want to lose you