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Hi there(;
My name's not that important..but if you really wanna know it starts with an "M" haha(:
I have a boyfriend who I love very much(: he knows everything about me..we've
been dating for over a year now&he's one of my best friends.
I only have two close girl friends..other girls at my school are well...bitches.
I come off as the funny girl who's always there to listen to people's problems
but I don't open up to a lot of people.
I've been hurt before; dumped for the older girl(; but it definitely wasn't
I have very low self-esteem, and I try not to judge people. I'm crazy&loud..
which is something you don't really get from my quotes..hmm lol.
Music is my lifeee♥ I listen to music all the time, and going on the computer
requires listening to music. I like all sorts of music(:
I'll give a couple songs that never get old to me:
1.) Pumped Up Kicks-Foster the People
2.) I Can Feel a Hot One-Manchester Orchestra
3.) pretty much all of Kid Cudi♥
4.) 100 Years-Five for Fighting
5.) Harry Potter theme song:}
6.) Take a Minute-K'annan
7.) Harold Song-Ke$ha
8.) Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
9.) Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
10.) It's a Wonderful World-Louie Armstrong
11.)Tiny Dancer&Rocketman-Elton John
and lastly!
12.) Pianoman-Billy Joel
I lovelovelovelove Harry Potter&got all the books&movies baybay(:
Field Hockeeyy!
I really think I should shut up now...♥

Never forget that you're gorgeous. Just the way you are♥

Quotes by confusedmuch4472

even though we've gone our separate ways&our hearts aren't the same; i still smile whenever i hear your name

True love;
 Actually believing all of those  


Life's too short to be sittin' around miserable;

people gonna talk whether you doing

bad or good♥

Hottest thing about a guy?

Actually being

nice to a girl♥

Don't let the bastards get you down

Cause when a heart breaks; no it don't break even.

Cause guys
 like you don't fall for

girls like me..{♥}


Babe, I'm nervous for this school year :(

 It won't be that bad..
You're supposed to make me feel better about this!

We're gonna be together♥

Since when did  

 you suddenly grow a pair

over Facebook chat?