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Hi I'm Lilli. 

Steve followed me, favorited two quotes, commented on one, and posted a link to me on his profile due to an ad I helped create on July 16, 2013. I thought I had accidentally gotten on the wrong profile or something and when I realized I hadn't, I almost exploded with happiness.

I made a Bucketlist quote. About how I wanted Butterbear, Hale_Storm18, Yourcool, BravoSierra, BlackButterflies, Rajsonkar, or Steve to someday fave or comment on one of my quotes. Within a week from posting, they had all commented or faved that quote. I almost died.

Quotes by converse_girl17

This one is for Sarah.
I looked through my old quotes, out old comments, our old fights.
I seriously about cried.
I have apologized so many times, she is sick of hearing it, but this one is nessessary.
It is NOT an apology for what I did; it is an apology for how i treated her afterward, posting lovey stuff, telling her off for no real reason, such...
I'm sorry I am insensitive and mean ans terrible.
im sorry.
So I convinced my geography teacher that I broke google by typing in 'google gravity.' He was so nervous about me breaking google that I didn't have to do the assignment.
I feel like the only teenager who even knows what a floppy disc is.
I can brush my hair with my feet, apparently that's weird..
There are two sides to every problem. It's like tetris, no matter how much you want to clear the rows, you could always just build a tower. So the next time you're struggling with something, build a castle.
A picture is worth 1000 words, but 1000 words can paint a picture. This is why I write.
Have you ever thought you were normal and then one day, your doctor sends you to a neurologist?...
I'm losing a battle with myself..
I said I was going to stop again, but since that first cut about a month ago.. I haven't stopped.... and I don't know how to quit. I can't be strong anymore. What if I just can't do it.
Sorry I haven't been on alot guys... I've missed ya'll. But I've been scattered for time. A little update on Lilli life: My boyfriend and I are still going strong. I ride the bus now. I got demoted to third chair flute player... -_- I am in marching band as second ^ I am in rocket club. I am running 5k for a local junior's house. I am still writing.. alot. I just don't know whether to post them or not. I'm still here if ANYBODY needs or wants help. I am not clean anymore. But I used to be. I am not as great on my anorexia. But I'm recovering. I'm 5'7 now. I love you guys...