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I love you, Daddy.
Holler! So my name doesn't matter, cause no one on here ever talks to me, like ever, but if you ask, I'll be sure to share! I have many fandoms, so feel free to talk about your otp feels conmigo! Cause believe me, I have oh so many of them.  TEAM PEENISS.
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 Labor Day

is supposed to be a holiday recognizing hard workers and give them some time off.
So here's the million dollar question, why do my teachers double the homework amount this weekend?

I hate how girls today want a boyfriend
to be perfect and pay for everything and be super gorgeous.
Whenever I'm with a guy, I' just lke "We can buy Chinese and make out"

president snow: seneca, don't give them too much hope
seneca crane: TWO TRIBUTES CAN WIN


oh, your boyfriend cheated on you?
Please, do tell me about how the entire male population is responsible.

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here's a random thought:
the Church and gay people stop trying to force the other into their mindset.  Everyone is entitled their own opinion.

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Your friends won't say they're mad at you, but you can just tell.


 Hey there!
So, as few of you may or may not know, I write stories on this account.
If you want to be notified when a new chapter comes up (because apparentally that's the new craze) and not all of you follow my account, favorite OR comment on this quote, and I'll make sure to let you know when a new one is up!

LOL this will get like 2 favorites, won't it?
Cause I'm super duper popular.
I mean, I used to be.
Oh well, those were the days :]


lol trying to format things so more people will see it. i hope no one sees this though... awks.
Jump In, Kid
Chapter Fifteen

"Patrick it's not what it looks like," I walked towards him apologetically.
"Leah, it's EXACTLY what it looks like.  Why should we cover it up!?"  Jack looked at me; hurt that I would cover this up.
"Jack, what the hell?!  Why would you kiss Leah?!"  Patrick stormed at him.
"Patrick, why the heck would you kiss Cass?!"  I screamed at him.  He turned at me; looking sorry.  He opened his mouth to form words, but not before Jack's fist slammed into the side of his face.  "Jack!"  I screamed at him.
I couldn't handle another fight.  I really care about these two guys.
Patrick staggered up, breathed in, and punched Jack in the stomach.  Jack doubled over and Patrick kicked him onto the ground.  I threw myself onto Jack and felt Patrick's foot slam into my side.  Unlinke last time, though, he kept going.  Hitting me instead of Jack.  He only stopped once I was coughing blood.
"That's for kissing him," He kicked me one last time and stormed off again.
"We" I spat out some blood, "are SO done."
"We aren't done until I say we are!"  Patrick screamed over hsi shoulder.
"Leah," Jack groaned.
"Hey, bud.  How ya doing?"
"Been better," he sat up and winced.  Then he saw me.  "Leah!  You need to stop flinging yourself in between me and Pat!  Your parents will think we just use you as a punching bag!"  He pulled me onto his lap and rocked me back and forth.
"Aww, life's no fun without a few battle scars," I laughed and then immediately regretted irritating mystomach.
"You'll have more than a few if you don't stop jumping in!"  Jack ran his fingers through his hair.
"Even more stories to tell," I joked.
Jump In, Kid
Chapter Fourteen

"Leah!  Leah, what's wrong?!"  Jack knelt down to look at me (he was mush taller than me).
"It-It's Patrick," I sniffled.
"What did he do?"  Jack stiffened, his face turning into a protective mask.
"Jack," I wiped tears from my eyes.
"No!  What did he do?!"  He stood up angrily.
"Why were you so mad at Patrick the night from the beach?  I mean, yeah, what he said was uncalled for, but you were really throwing fist after fist into his face," I looked at Jack expectantly.
"Because.  I heard what he said to Cassandra before getting into the car," Jack crossed his arms, "And then he has the NERVE to act like I* was wrong for ALMOST kissing Cass."
"W-what did he say?"
"Leah, no."
"What.  Did.  He.  Say?"
"He said, 'I'll call you later, babe.'"
"Maybe you heard him wrong...?"  I threw out hopefully, my stomach churning.
"Leah, he was bragging about it later.  I overhead him and Luke."
"Why is he doing all of this?"  I felt my eyes watering up agian.
"Cause he doesn't know what he's missing out on.  The fact that he has the greatest girl in the world in love with him, and all he wants to do is get in her pants," Jack ran his hands through his hair.
"Cass said something weird in her voicemail," I looked up at Jack with new eyes.
"Oh yeah?"  He turned to me.
"Yeah.  Seh said she never saw me with Patrick.  She saw me with someone else."
"Who?"  Jack leaned against the trunk of a tree.
"Well, she said you," I waited for a reaction from him.  He smiled at me.
"Weird.  Me and you?  We're just friends!"  He laughed.
"Y-yeah.  That's what I said."  Somehow, something inside of me was actually disappointed.  Upset he didn't like me like that.  But he's just like a brother to me.  It would be weird.
"Leah," Jack walked over to me.
"Hmm?"  I snapped out of my thoughts.
"Come with me," his brown eyes searched mine.
"Where?"  I smiled.
"Around Europe.  Come with me.  We'll go to Spain.  Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, the works.  We'll go to Paris!  Come with me,"  He put his arms on my shoulders, excitment pulsing through him.
"Jack, I don't know if Notre Dame will let me put off school," I smiled at the ground.
"Then ask them!  Tell them you need a year off because a realtive died!  Whatever it takes!"
"Jack..."  I started, but he cut me off with a kiss.  I put my arms around his neck and he lifted me off the ground; twirling me around.
"Promise me?"  Jack broke away.
"I-I promise,"  I laughed.
"You'll do it?"  He sarted laughing too.
"Mhmm!  I'll do it!"  I was nodding and laughing.  He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder; spinning me again.
"Jack!"  I was screaming and laughing so hard.  Once he set me down gently, he kissed me again.
"Leah, this'll be so great!  A year off of school!  A year away from everything!  You can work on Spanish!" He knew I wanted to be a Spanish teacher, "and I can work on my painting.  We'll live in these housing buildings where they keep the backpackers!  It'll be so great!"  He kissed me one more time, smiling.
"Jack, what the hell?!"  We both turned and saw Patrick standing in the back door of Jack's house, fists clenched.
I had a feeling another fight was about to break out.
Jump In, Kid
Chapter Thirteen (I messed up the chapter numbering.  Whoops!)

I woke up to birds singing and the sun shining through the cracks in the treehouse's walls.  I looked up at Jack, who slept sitting up so that I could be comfortable.  "Wake up, sleepyhead," I played with his hand until he woke up.
"Morning," Jack smiled at me, "You fell asleep on me!"
"Sorry, I was really tired and my parents were stressing me ou-OH MY GOSH.  WE SLEPT OUT HERE."  I sat up really fast, but I gave myself a head rush.
"Yeah, thanks Captain Obvious," Jack laughed.
"No, I mean, my parents don't know where I am!"  I put my hands on my face and groaned; falling back into Jack's lap.
"Don't worry, I called them before I came out here last night.  I told them you were spending the night at my house and that I would walk you home tomorrow, which is technically today."
"What would I do without you," I kissed his cheek.  Then I rolled over to my bag and dumped out its contents.  My phone, iPod, swimsuit, and a change of clothes tumbled out.  I checked my phone, two missed calls: Mom and Cass<33.
I groaned at my mom, then I sent her a text to let her know I was okay.  Then I listened to the voicemail from Cassandra.
"Hey Leah.  It-It's me.  Patrick called Josh.  I just wanted you to NOT bring my brother into this, and NOT have your boyfriend fight your battles.  Just open your eyes, Leah.  Patrick won't be there when college comes around.  He's going to UIC with me.  Leah, I don't want to fight you.  But you need to realize he really isn't gonna be there!  I know he's your best friend, and I know you don't want to listen to me, but hon, he'll leave in a few months.  The only thing you can do is enjoy the summer.  You know who I always saw you with?  Jack.  I guess that's why I went after him.  But I won't anymore.  Just please, call me."  I set down my phone, shocked.  So many things were rushing through my head.  Me and Jack?  I mean, we're just friends!  But me and Pat were just friends.  And I could never break up with Patrick!  But maybe Cass is right.
I told Jack I was gonna go get ready for the day.  I greeted his parents happily and then went into his room.  I went into his bathroom and called Cassandra.  She picked up in seconds.  "Leah," she breathed, "I'm soso sorry-"
"Don't.  What I did was wrong.  I knew you'd be upset and I did it anyways.  And that was wrong."
"What I did with the car was wrong!  I shouldn't have done any of that to you.  I should've supported you."
"I should've stood up for you.  I'm so sorry!"
Cass paused, not saying anything, and then, "Leah, Patrick came over last night."
"What?"  I felt all the air come out from me.
"He came here.  And I thought he just wanted to talk, so I let him in.  And then h-he kissed me.  Leah, I don't know what was going on, so I just pushed him off and ran into Josh's room.  I locked the door and waited for him to leave.  Then, I called you.  Leah, I'm so sorry, but you have to believe me, I would NEVER kiss a guy you slept with.  Please, you have to believe me."
"He wouldn't do that," I felt my eyes water.
"He did.  Leah, lovely, I'm so sorry.  He was always a flirt, we agreed on that."
"I-i have to go,"  I hung up.  I put away the nice clothes I was going to change into.  Then I went into Jack's closet and picked out some basketball shorts and a t-shirt.  I threw my hair up into a pony tail and took off the remnants of make-up from my eyes.  Then I walked out to Jack.  I didn't say anything, I just walked up to him, threw my arms around his shoulders, and started crying.