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My best friend in this whole wide world; Karina Lopez. Without her never know what it is like to have a best friend.

Justin Bieber; My husband, inspiration, bestfriend, crime in partner. I Love You Justin <33 We got marry 02.14.10

Drizzy Drake; I love your life quotes. Your also my inspiration. 

My 2nd bestfriend in this world Tiffany. I love that chica. She crazy proud BORICUA. 

My 3rd bestie is Stacey. I love her. She my up north Bestie and I just love her to death ^__^

Jasmine V.Demi Lovato.Kanye West. Little Mix.Drake.Justin Bieber. 2 Chainz.Beyonce.Jennifer Hudson.


Song of the Week: Paint A Smile
Jasmine Villegas

Song of the Month: Nothing Like us
Justin Bieber

Song of the the Past Month: Beauty and a Beat
Justin Bieber

Song stuck in my head: Heart Attack &Paint a smile
Trey Songz &Jasmine V

Song stuck in my heart:
I Would (Acoustic Ablum)
Justin Bieber


Hi Indie here. I'm just a cool person. Really nice. I'm 14 and a #TeamFreshman.

Justin Bieber is my husband. I freaking love him. He's amazing.  Drake is my quote hero. If I ever need a quote I go to him. I sing but I'm to shy to show it. Follow me on YouTube @indieileana25 &on twitter @singtome_indie.

Here The Motto: 
Someone asked me once why do I love music so much. I told them that it's the only thing that stays when everything &everyone goes.

I love Prince Royce dimples. Yes I'm hispanic. Boricua and Black for you. Imma mixed limited edition girl for you.

 Gotta go: Dueces 

There's nothing like you and me .Together through the storm .There's nothing like us.


That's Me <33

Quotes by cookiedoughrocker

Who has a Twitter (I follow back)
As long as you love me 

We're under pressure,

Seven billion people in the world trying to fit in

Keep it together,

Smile on your face even though your heart is


But hey now, you know, girl,

We both know it's a cruel world

But I will take my chances
Gays, Straight, Bi, Fat, Skinny, Pretty, Stupid, Poor, Rich

Why judge?  I mean were all diffrent, beautiful, unique and I love the fact some people are brave enough to show the world who they are. So comment this comment "HELLO WORLD I'M ________ AND I'M PROUD OF ME" show the world that you are amazing!!!
Just know something. Life isnt easy. Who said it would be. But when you make mistakes be graceful that you know what not to do. don't blame me. I tried. I'm just a girl with Flaws. I'm not as skinny or as pretty as I think but at the end. All that matter is 
I'M ME <3
Sometimes all you need are headphones,
cute bunny slippers

and let the music do the magic of healing your heart <3
LOL Am I the only who laughed at Kevin Hart's commercial with Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift?

Pink for Breast Cancer Month <3
So I'm at the office, I tell this guy...Pass me the stapler, but when you pass it, make sure staples are in it, because if it isn't, I can't staple anythin'.

                                      -Kevin Hart LMFAO

Pink for Breat Cancer Month <3

A school recieves a telephone call. “Hello,” says the principal. “My daughter won’t be in school today,” says the voice. “May I ask who this is?” asked the principal. “This is my mother speaking

- LOL my friend told me this!!!

You teach your kids to walk and talk the first two years of life.

Then for the next 16 you have to teach them to sit down and shut up

Who thinks I should audition for Americas got talent?