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"To die in the arms of the one you love is a fairly good ending, considering everything."


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finding something good without looking for it
My heart never heals, my heart only feels like stone.
Compared to this, I haven't felt a single f**king thing in my life.
I haven't wrote a quote on here since over a year ago.
It feels so weeeeeeeeeird to read back at the quotes I wrote in 2011.
I was actually almost like a completely different person! :o

At least this is proof that people can change.
Yesterday I found out about you.
Even now just looking at you feels wrong.
You should've known that word of what
you did with her would get back to me.
I should've been there, in the back of your mind.
You should've said no, and baby you might
of still had me.


It's hard to forget someone

People are people ansometimes they
change their minds.
But it's killing me to
see you go, after
all this time.

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If your life ended right now,
could you honestly say you lived it the way you wanted?

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The awkward moment
Disney runs out
movie ideas, so they just
re-release old movies, in 3D.

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"They died together. He was in her arms. Not everybody has that luck.To die in the arms of the one they love. I think it's a fairly good  ending, considering everything."
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