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i left to tumblr. bye.

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You'r"jokes" hurt  

I need to stop putting on a fake smile, and start finding a real one.

I Screwed Up,
and you left.
hii, I really need someone to talk to :/ Anyone?

Don'tTelMYou LovMe:
    unless you can v  e  



I noticed that U & I are together

But then under it was JK


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In 20-30 years, one of the hardest things our kids will have to do is find a screen name that isn't already taken. ♥

  I don't get why we feel safe under blankets....
It's not like a murderer is gonna come in and say, "I'm gonna ki-oh dang, she's under the blanket"


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Austin & Aly

Ant Farm
SuiteLife=So Random

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I hate it when
I'm trying to press Shift, but I push Enter





              T            h                   a          t                                                        A   w                        k              w                     a                        r                   d                                            
M                      o                     m                   e                   n              t

 your doing something weird or you look weird and realize

somebody's watching you