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When we were little#1


Standing on front of
the shopping trolley
just so your mum couldn't see


Every night,
someone falls asleep thinking about you.
They toss and turn all night because they hate
the fact that the pillow they’re hugging isn’t you.

They want to be with you right this second,
but you’re clueless about the whole situation.
Playing these little scenarios in their head
hoping that it will actually happen
the next time they see you.

That sweet voice of yours
is the only thing they wish to fall asleep to
but they have this mindset
that you’re too good for them.

Your smile is carved into their memory
and they see it every time they shut their eyes,
trying to go to sleep.

Then they quickly open it again in hopes
that you will be by their side this time.

And the only thing they want to know is
if you’re thinking about them too.


facebook would be much more interesting if
they let you choose what part of the body you wanna poke.


the ocean gets its salitness from the
tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle.

This quote does not exist.

i feel like i've done enough good stuff that
i now deserve to be stuck in an elevator with a cute boy.


Gay marriage has finally been legalised in the UK.
For once I'm proud of being British


if you had a nintendo ds and you

didn't colour the whole pictochat

screen black, then most likely you

weren't a normal child.

~luke reeve~


This quote does not exist.
I know you're busy and all...
But i miss you.
And i really just want to
hide in your arms tonight...
 I love you
I wish i could.