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Shelby Lynn; 15; March 4th; Sophmore.
I’ve had a witty for 3 years. I cherish each & every follower i have. I work hard on my quotes. December 5th, 2010; my whole life changed. My mother passed away. She took part of me with her. I’ll never be the same again. I have a wonderful Boyfriend thankfully. I’m more of a loner, and I’m okay with that. I like all types of music. My favorite bands are; A day to remember, pierce the veil, mayday parade, Go radio, Rise Against, Four years strong. I adore country. I like Lil' Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Wiz, and some other rappers. I've had my fair share of heartbreaks, been there, done that. I've done some stupid things i regret. I'm stubborn & I'm still trying to find myself. My dream is to tan all by myself, or with my mom on the beach, not being bothered by anyone. I'm a hopeless romantic & love The notebook, titanic, & love stories. Taylor Swift Knows my life i swear..& I look up to Demi Lovato & give her so much respect. Here are all the important people in my life <3
I absolutely love every person up there, we may have had fights, but i would take a bullet for any of them anyday... and they're Beautiful<3
Hi, You're beautiful, chances are he doesn't deserve you.. You're better off without him, trust me<3

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You know what

F*ck it, i don't care anymore,
Ive tried so hard. 

Why do you like me? 
I lie, i cheat, i'm terrible to you. All i will end up doing is hurting you. Thats all i'm good at, if you were smart you'd just leave me, now. I'm nothing good and nothing good will ever come from me. I flirt with other boys, i love fighting, you can't trust me, i still have feelings for my ex, i'm not even happy, I'm so broken, it can never be fixed.  No one else has stayed as long as you have, so why do you bother?

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h a a z a a h h h ' s   f o r m a t 

I miss you...
50 minutes ago
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Me Then start acting like it37 minutes ago · Like
Him I love you, and want you back. 2 minutes ago · Like
Me Then prove it. 19 seconds  ago · Like

Some people dont realize
that happiness isnt't always found in a relationship.



I miss you.
Then act like it for once.


I swear sometimes
it's like you want me to hate you.


Do you know what's wrong with word "sorry"
It gives people the wrong idea that any mistake, 
can be solved by a single word.


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If someone makes you miserable,
more than they make you happy, it doesn't matter how much you love them,
you need to let them go.


i miss you.
No, let me correct myself, i miss the old you.  I miss the old you that would care about me and the old you that would

treat me so well. I miss the old you that would talk to me everyday and always keep me smiling. I miss the old you that

always kept me happy, and knew what to say at any given point in time. I miss the old us. ♥