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Hmm, I'm really not awkward in the slightest.
My followers mean a lot, just saying ;)
All my quotes are mine.
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Quotes by coolsuperstarz

Don't watch that movie,
before reading the book.
Let me be your ruler,
and baby I'll rule..
Do you have room for one more troubled soul?




Let them learn,

From their own

That is the only way we seem to learn.


You can call lme queen Bee,

And baby

I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule
Let me live that fantasy
Is it just me...
or are the workers at Mc'donalds getting ruder and ruder?

Do not make me un happy,
before eating a happy meal.
I'm friends with the monster
that's under my bed.

Get along with the voices,
inside of my head.

You're trying to save me,
stop holding your breathe.

And you think I'm crazy,
Yeah you think i'm crazy.

'You want to be hot like me ' - Oven
'That was colder then me'
- Fridge
Heart breaking,
hands shaking,
realization awaking...

'There's no food'

~ Said the fridge.

"Liar, you'll pay for your sins."
Come down from your tower.
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