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Hmm, I'm really not awkward in the slightest.
My followers mean a lot, just saying ;)
All my quotes are mine.
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Quotes by coolsuperstarz

Be my valentine?♥
(I asked my food.)

If you are nice to me,
I'll be
nice to you.
{But some people are just naturally irritating.}

Be a print,
not a photo copy.
 (¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯) 

I like food...

Food likes me.

Were a happy,


I cherish my loss,
A gentle reminder, that life is unkind,
At the best of times.

And I long for you to appear,
After losing your way across star riddled skies,
To carry you home




'Teach me how to be perfect?'
I can't  t    teach   you   how   t  o   be   you


Thinking Oprah


And for me 'Rememberence day'
is actually about giving respect.
Not about religion, war, sacrifice...
but about all the innocent people
who have died.
And that, is something to



I have a habit of burning stuff
they call me Ellie Goulding.
"I have come to realise that just making yourself happy is most important.
 Never be ashamed of what you feel.  You have the right to feel any emotion that you want,
and do what makes you happy.  That's my life motto" ~ Demi Lovato
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