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Hmm, I'm really not awkward in the slightest.
My followers mean a lot, just saying ;)
All my quotes are mine.
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Quotes by coolsuperstarz

All I care about is food and the places that it's from,
Ima eat it till I'm not hungry, Ima finish till I'm full.

I don't really give a fudge and my excuse is that I'm small,
and I'm only gettin bigger..
somebody shoulda told ya

to feed me,


Friend: 'Don't lie to make me feel better!'
Me: *Shuts up*
Is there any hope for this world?
Will children in future generations
be brought up in more violence,
more technology, more bullying?

What is happening, please save us.
to the;

That girl made my day by favouriting loads of my quotes <3
Giving me motivation to keep making quotes, because
people sincerely like them...

Go follow her?
I   d o   care   about   you
But when a bee comes over,
every man for himself.



Pie R squared sounds like area to me,
When I need the circumference
I'll just do Pie D'
And the diameters the line that goes from side to side,
while passing through the centre

Now isn't that simple?





It is so funny...
{That they all think I am human.

There is them type of girls,
and them type of girls.
Like a vintage radio I sang sometimes,
and other days no words came from me.


I'm telling you I will not procrastinate..
As a form of procrastination.
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