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Hey the names Corinne, I'm starting to write a story so please read it and let me know what you think...thanks

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Chapter 2

     It was around 6:00 when my alarm went off. I shot out of bed, went into my bathroom and started to get ready. I had to catch the bus around 6:45 and it was 6:40 when I finished getting ready. I decided to go wait for the bus and call Hailey. Hailey answered right away, she sounded really excited, we decided to talk the whole way to school and then when we got to school we decided to meet in front of the main office. We then called the other three and told them to come and meet us in front of the main office.
     We all met and walked to homeroom together, we all had the same homeroom since we all had a last name that started with an S or a T. When we went in and sat down we were all amazed at how big the school was it was three stories high and the classrooms were huge. Homeroom only lasted for about twenty minutes and then we all had to go our separate ways. Luckily we all had gym and our two free periods together. Our free periods were fifth and seventh and we had gym third. First and second period went by really fast, third period we all met up and sat on the bleachers and talked about our teachers and how we liked them so far. We then got our locks and we had to go pick our lockers. We all decided to have our near each other. We then walked back to the bleachers and the bell rang so we all had to go to fourth period. Jayda and I were in the same class so we walked together.
       I was looking at Jayda while walking when all of a sudden I ran into this really cute boy. I apologized and continued walking. The rest of the day flew by and after school we all hung out. I then told them how I ran into some random cute guy and they all laughed at me. I seemed to be the clown of the group, my friends were always laughing at me because of something stupid I would do.
      The first week of school flew by really fast, and the second week was when it became really interesting.