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Hi I'm Coco, 15 years old, from Germany, super weird, a Buddhist and I totally want to be Austeralian, English or American but oh well.
I hope you enjoy your visit here (:
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Quotes by *blushes*

Let me travel forever
and I swear I will be
it was a question,
not an accusation
daydreams were dangerous, because they made
her wish for things she could never have
Her body is trying to stay alive but her mind doesn't play along.

You're a work of
art. Not everyone
will understand
you, but the ones
who do, will never
forget about you.

Like wildflowers;
You must allow
yourself to grow
in all the places
people thought
you never would.

- E.V.
"We are the scientists, trying to make sense of the stars inside us."
- Christopher Poindexter

She says she doesn't care, but
her eyes tell a different story.


You can't save an already dead girl.

I can't. I don't trust people anymore.

This here is for decoration just ig-
nore it really omg haha pointless