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I eat skittles a handfull at a time | I hate the change of seasons | I eat fries and ice-cream together | I sleep with 6 big pillow | I hate chocolate | I absolutely hate the smell of cigarette smoke | I'm allergic to nothing | My self-esteem blows | Before dipping my french fries in keptchup, I take a packet of salt and sprinkle it in my ketchup | I wear hoodies all year round | I listen to all kinds of music | MI love my family, but we aren't any kind of close | My mom is just my mom | I can't stand rac/st people | I sleep with 4 body pillow | I'm a sensitive person | I'm shy until you get to know me | I put Ranch Dressing on pretty much everything | When I'm eat a sandwich, I always eat the crust first | When I'm talking to a really attractive guy, I'll look into his eyes and then to his muscles| I have like 2 male celebrity husbands | I tr y not to cuss | My favourite soft drinks are Mountain Dew & Coke | I love IPitas |McDonald's grosses me out, but I eat it a lot | When I'm eating, I take turns, taking bites from every food on my plate,| I want to become a preschool teacher | I like sucking on hard candy | I love the adrenaline rush I get from doing things that scare me I I've only had one boyfriend | I love being lazy| I dream of working out to keep from getting fat (but I'm really too lazy) | Hot bubble baths and cuddles are my release when I'm going through a hard time | I love watching Criminal Minds and Home and Away on TV | I can't sleep with my closet door open | | When I'm in my bed at night, I go through every event and conversation I had that day, and let it replay in my mind.

I need a friend. 
Just someone to talk to, share secrets, etc. 
Any takers? 
and  sometimes  I  feel 
like you only pretend to love me.
High school relationships aren't meant for you to find you're true love, but to find your first love
‎"If he's amazing, He wont be easy.
If he's easy, He wont be amazing.
If he's worth it, You wont give up.
If you give up, You're not worth it."
Not everyone deserves a second chance. Especially if there's someone out there waiting for their first.
Dont loose yourself over a guy that doesn't care about loosing you. 

Sometimes, the hardest part is letting go.
Especially when the most painfull part is hodling on...

Goin Home
 The makeup Comes off, the Skinny jeans become Pajamas, Hair goes to a bun , Pig out on food, Watch TV & listen to music , on witty , Tight shirt goes into a baggy guys shirt. Pretty sweetshirt becomes a hoodie. All Comfy & Happy When BOOM . You hear your parents.

" G e t    n    t h e    c a r
 w e ' r e   g o i n g   o u t      f o r    d i n n e r "

f u n    f a c t    # 26
most of the laugh tracks you hear on television were recorded in the 1950's, which means a lot
of the people you hear laughing, are dead.