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Hi, my name is Anna. ( : Fourteen years ago I was brought into this world. Summmer lovin'. Living without regret & care. Siingle, still waiting for someone. (Him, in particular...) If anyone has anything they need to say, talk about, please talk to me ! I know what it's llike to need someone to talk to, so I'm always here(:
The artists that get me through everything are;
Taylor Swift<3
Odd Future
Frank Ocean
He is We
One Direction
All time low
Never Shout Never
anything dubstep(;
Mayday Parade
Stereo Skyline
Mac Miller <3
Wiz Khalifa
Biggie Smalls -completes my fuucking life<3

Quotes by countonmelike123

Our society is so twisted.
I grew up too fast, and I regret that more than anything.
This shouldn't happen. I shouldn't be crying myself to sleep nightly over someone who's perfectly fine without me.
And now all I can think about is all the things you told me through the past two months, and just wonder how much of it was a lie..
I wish you wanted me, the way I want you.
Baby, I'm sick of lying to myself.
I'm not over you.
I never was.
You used to be the only reason for my happiness. How did it come to be that now you're the sole reason for my tears?
Happy Hunger Games! & may the odds be ever in your favor.
Sure, when she's with them; she laughs, smiles, fakes it.
But when she's alone; she breaks,