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heyy :) my name is haylee! I'm a country girl and love country, if you dont then dont follow me. Also, i love pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, all time low and other bands. You are all beatiful and remember stay strong

Quotes by countrygirl_17

I've changed a lot in the past year.
My parents want
the old me back.
I just simply
say sorry she grew up and built her self strong.


Once you have me, you'll always come back.

Heres to the kids who
overcame self-harm or are overcoming it
When I look at the scars on my sides, I'm proud of myslef for being strong.
Mind; Oh your nothing but an ugly, worthless piece of sh*t.
Body; You're so weak and fat, no wonder you get made fun of.
Wrists and Thighs; You've cut before why not do it again, you know I'll be in your dreams tonight.
Throat; The feeling when you reach down your throat.
Stomach; What can one more day without food hurt.
Oh yeah. I am just a waste of space. Why don't i just end it all now? Because the thoughts running through my mind are seriously scaring me.
My best friend doesnt know half of what i do.
I have lied and told my best guy friend that "Im better, i promise"
While that night i continued to self harm.
My head just tells me its my fault and that the pain i am causing to myself is what i derserve and i have told myself that so nuch. I believe it and the worst part it i dont even want to stop and try to fix myself. Im already broken.
When i told my step mom that i self harm she asked me where and how bad, so i told her and she said she will help any way i need me to. She suggested that i have goals that i need to accompish every week and it meant alot. I was crying when she said my dad was just confused and i told her i felt like they would look at me different. She replied NEVER and then there was silence as she said NEVER two more times and said she will love me no matter what i do. I cried that night knowing someone was there that finally cared for me but she doesnt know the whole truth.

I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think your beautiful.

And i don't ever want to lose my best friend.

I scream out god you vulture.

Bring her back or take me with her.

Pierce the Veil has more meanigful lyrics than Justi Bieber, Eminem or anyone else could.I thank them for being there when no one else is.


The moment when you dread going in your basement because you think the boogey man will get you!
She doesnt curl her hair for another guy, she curls it for the same guy every time. She wants him to fall for her heart, she doesnt know that he puts on the same smile everyday just for her...