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Quotes by courtcc101

On witty with music on YouTube in another tab,
the song ends and you restart it cause you're too obsessed with witty
When your wondering to yourself
"Why does that blank quote have so many faves?"
then realizing you need to highlight it (;
& that awkward moment
when you've been spelling someone's name the same way forever....
then realize you've been spelling it WRONG.

Happy 3 Month Anniversary BFF! 
( you know who you are lol) 
From, me (;

That Awkward Moment;
when you just finished telling your friend a super long story and they say "What did you say?"

all mine (;

& when,
when i type haha,or lol.
_ my facial expression is like a brick.
if i write LOL. or HAHAHAHAH. or even
^ you've done well.

*not my format
Strong Girls
are the ones who are still smiling
even though their world is tumbling down
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