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Hi everyone, my name is Courtney, and yes I am awesome, hence the username. I am also 15 ! :D Witty makes me feel inspirational so therefore I use it. Like every other teenage girl out there, I use this site to get things off our mind by venting it and to read other quotes to make me laugh. If anyone needs anything just chat me for advice or if you need to vent. My life has been very hard lately so i can relate to anyone if they need help. I LOVE YOU ALL! RANDOM BUT BTW IM IN LOVE WITH CHANNING TATUM AND ALL TIME LOW. yeah..SO FOLLOW ME lol .__. IM AN INSPIRATIONAL MOFO. :D ENJOY!!!!!!! Follow for a follow back! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, @xocourtneyxo15 :)...Don't be shy comment on my profile! i'm always looking for new witty friends!!! :D

Quotes by courtneyisawesome14

Today i saw this really ' hot' boy at the mall
when i was about to approach him,this girl holding lingerie takes his hand and walks away.




~Jack Barakat


i wish there would be hurricanes more often, it seems to make my refrigerator more packed with food.

             Dad: Honey, I never lie.
         Me: SO SANTAS REAL?!?!
         Dad: No.
         Me: LIAR.

What is it called when your crush likes you back?


Love me?
Hate me?
 Even better.
 Think I'm ugly?
Don't look at me.
Don't know me?

Don't judge me.
  Think you know me?
 You have no idea.

I will never 
love a person as much as 
I love music 



              Me: Knock Knock!
              Friend: Who's there?
              Me: Yah
              Friend: Yah Who?
              Me: Nah bro, i prefer google.


When  bu t te r f l ies  fal l  i n  l ove
 do they feel people in their stomachs?

tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night.