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I am a strong minded girl, care bout my friends and family and love sports and music. 

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So... the guy I like is 6'8, and I am 5'3-5'5. 
You're getting married ten days before my birthday. You think within ten days you are going to be allowed to get custody of me? Really? Are you that stupid? I will not live with you and the b itch. She has beat me, yelled at me, starved me, tried poisoning me, etc. You sit there and stand up for her. What the heck? Who does that? You are just dating her, you are my father. Get your priorities in tack.
Him: So my Mom was wondering if you wanted to come over this next weekend if you are feeling better? Me: Your mom wants to know? Him: Yeah! Why? Me: I just saw your Mom, haha. Him: Shoot, my plan didn't work. So do you want to come and hangout with me this next weekend? Only if you feel better or else I will come and see you. Me: What if I die within a week?!?! Him: I will go and cry. Me: I will try not to die within a week. (:
I really could use a friend. But I guess my sketchbook and sharpie will do just fine.
I could really use someone to talk too. 
I'd be lying if I said that Suicide hasn't went through my mind today. 
Listening to you talk about how much you love your life because your parents buy you everything.... then being mad because your parents said no about something and how much you hate them. Well be happy that you have parents in your life... 
I hit the ground, hands folded, prayed to the Lord to help me through this. To get me away from all this stress. To thank him for being there when no one else was.
I'm done.....