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I am a strong minded girl, care bout my friends and family and love sports and music. 

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  Should not exist. 
But what is a quote going to do?
  It's going to do a lot. I want a petition to go around
of witty and i want you to repost this quote with your
name signed. after i get all of these names i am going to
make a youtube video of all the witty profile names
that took out a few minutes to read and repost this quote.
lets show these people how much we care and someday we can put a end to this!
Stay Strong!

signatures :
Cowgirl12 (Cassidy Pratt) 
I'm gonna follow my own dreams. I don't need you getting in the way. Thank you.

I've learned the hard way. Your family is not always forever. Your friends are gonna lie too you. They are gonna use you. Your family is gonna do things they shouldn't. You're gonna fall down. You're gonna cry. Hoping someone is willing to pick you up. But they aren't around. You're gonna lose your best friend to suicide, or your parent to an addiction. Your little brother will be diagnosed with cancer, you'll him before he turns 7. You're gonna bottle everything up until that one day that you explode, and no one will ever understand why you didn't before. 
Dear Bully's,

When you bully someone do you ever think about it late at night wondering if that person killed themselves because of you? Because what if they did. They could blame you and you would feel the pain. 

You finally see that you like someone, when they are liking someone else. 
I am glad that I fell for you. You showed me who not to fall for again. Thanks for the notes. 
God, took a beautiful angel today. His name was Bubba. He was my little brother. He took my savior and made  him into a guardian angel today. This little boy has been fighting Leukemia since he was 8 months old. God, only gave him a few weeks free from it. But, he is now free from the pain and the needles, running free. With other children. 
It's been a long rough week. Last week was bad, but this week was even worse. Well, you know what they say. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." 
Back won't pop in, headache, sore throat, tired, annoyed. #GonnabeALongDay
We walk by each other not saying a word, but having a hate look on each others face. Why can't we just go back to being friends? Why did we let him get between us? Guess its for the best. Good-bye. 
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