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I am a strong minded girl, care bout my friends and family and love sports and music. 

Quotes by cowgirl12

Well for our test today we had to read bout Yawning, since its the most boring test i've ever taken, I was yawning the whole time. #Thanks 
That workout was intense, I can't feel my legs. #Noodles
Me having muscles makes me a lesbian? What? I workout to be better at sports thank you very much. Yes, I am not skinny, but you know what my fat isn't all fat. It's mostly muscle. I am sorry, but learn the definition of these words before you throw them out like that. Duh. 
I give up. Done. 
Why do people hate seeing me happy? Really.  I hate how after  I get a real smile on my face they decide to take away whatever it is that causes that. Seriously, is it horrible cause a guy likes me? Wow... my bad... 
I wish, that I could just tell you that I love you, but me telling you that I want to cuddle and you saying where are you? ha made my night.
Late night skype conversations with him >>>>>>>>>>> (: 
Having a heart to heart with your Crush! >>>>>>>> 
Best friends father killed himself... bad day today..... #Sad
Drawing >>>>>>>>>>> Anything else 
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