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I am a strong minded girl, care bout my friends and family and love sports and music. 

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Well, just read bout someone using an alligator as a guard dog, for his drugs.... this world.... 
Drawing Disney, cartoon characters is probably one of the best things in the world! (: 
Growing Up

Growing up was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It hurt for those two months. The two months leading up and going after you left. You always helped me out with things, and now I have to teach myself to do these things. I have to push myself to be the best. I don’t have the luxury of having you here. Normal kids do. Well, I’ve been told I’m not normal. I know that people say, that I have grown up and they don’t like it, but when your parent leaves you, you have to grow up. You can’t be a immature kid taking on responsibilities, it just doesn’t work.

Really really wish... my friends would be smart enough to see the pain in my eyes even though I have that smile on my face. 
When you want to punch the guy you like in the face cause he won't grow up. Seriously, I like you cause you are nice, and now you act immature... grow up. 
When you get asked why your legs are all scraped up. Softball for ya! 
Yep, the day before we go swimming for school, Aunt flow comes to visit....... <<<<<< 
When working out becomes an addiction >>>>>> best feeling ever! My abs are feeling great! 
When people judge you for your scars <<<<<<< 
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