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♥ *Hey guys whats up I'm new to all of this but i love quotes i read them all the time. when i feel low they inspire me to do better. i'm 17 i am a junior in high school i'm dating the love of my life BILLY and he is totally gorgeous. he just got me a past,present,future promise ring and it is so freaking hott. gosh i love him to death i don't know what i'd do w/o him. yes i am a REAL cowgurl i'm not a FAKE. My best friend in the whole wide world is MANDI we crack each other up all the time they call her dumb and me dumber. but i hope you like all my quotes b/c i know i love yours.

Quotes by cowgurlheartbreaker

i love your eyes, your smile, your lips, the way you say i love you,i'm sorry, and your beautiful, damn i just love everything about you...
your mommma is so stupid she'd sell her car for gas money
dang close your mouth all that ice is blinding me
i might cause a cold front if i take a deep breath.
call me paul wall i got my mouth looking something like a disco ball.
smile for me daddy let me see your GRILL!!!!!
when somebody says,"how yah doing" just tell them,"i'm just trying to matter."
sometimes the little "I LOVE YOU'S" really matter.
Mandi: "Man i can't believe we got suspended for being drunk at school!
ME: "i know i didn't even get to show off my new stileto's"

me and my b/f our sophmore year right before christmas
'these boots are made for walking and thats just what they'll do."

Jessica Simpson