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well hello my names katie and im 14 i usually dont copy people; and if i do im sorry.we might get the quote from the same please just dont YELL at me for it lol, yeah and most of them are just from songs. IM me if youd like --kadeyx3

Quotes by cr0ssfadex0

just tell me how you feel, it might be too late.
live today; as if you were dying tomorrow
if i could be like that
i would do anything
ask yourself, are you real, or are you fake
sometimes you get hooked so easy
you dont even realize what's infront of you
is it possible to love someone you barely know?
it`s cause of -you-
that i do everything i do
Before this echo can subside
Do I expect to change
The past I hold inside
With all the words I say
Repeating over in my mind
Some things you can't erase
No matter how hard you try
An exit to escape
Is all there is left to find
Close my eyes
Let the whole thing pass me by
There is no time
To waste asking why
I think about your face
And how I fall into your eyes
The outline that I trace
Around the one that I call mine
Time that called for space
Unclear where you drew the line
I don't need to solve this case
And I don't need to look behind