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do you ever wonder how you would look at your full potential?
with a clear face and perfect body like dammmnnnn
its so weird how at school everyone learned how to write at the exact time with the same letters and everything but each person has their own handwriting
i hate those friendships that just end , you just randomly stop talking
Yo mammas so fat i pictured her in my head and broke my neck
She puts on her makeup
and does her hair
takes one last look in the mirror
for a boy who doesnt even care.
its funny how trackuits are made for exercise but people wear them for the complete opposite reason
If you love someone then love another , go for the second person because if you truly loved the first you wouldnt of fallen in love with someone else.
You will never understand until it happens to you.
You know what? Yes, i have changed. I'm not as nice as i used to be, because i don't want to get used or walked over. i don't trust everyone and tell them my secrets, because behind every fake smile is a backstabbing b*tch. I distance myself from people because in the end, they're only going to leave. I have changed because i have realised i'm the only person i can depend on.