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I like clingy. 
 I like double texts.
good morning and good night texts.         
 I like knowing someone cares.


Harry Potter saved my life.
I know it sounds cliché, but it's true. When I was younger, I had horrible self confidence. I had glasses and braces, covered in freckles, and had (and obsiously still have) a huge, obnoxious nose. I was quiet and was the class "weird girl". I was bullied and picked on by my peers, and as a fourth grade, I felt utterly useless. As a ten year old girl, I was contemplating suícide.That's when I met Harry. Every day after school, whether I was bullied or not, I would come home and read. I even borrowed the books on tape from the library and would lay on my bed for hours at a time and listen to them, over and over and over again. There was something about the words that J.K. Rowling was able to arrange in such a beautiful way that just made me feel better. I honestly believe that without those books as an escape, I wouldn't be here today. Because of what I went through when I was younger, I am a much better and stronger person that I was. As a symbol of what I went through when I was younger, my foot now sports a Deathly Hallows triangle tattoo. To everyone who is going through expiriences similar to mine, please remember, things will get better, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. Don't let the muggles get you down.


           & DON'T LET THE 

         GeT  You DOwn.
                                                            - RON WEASLY 

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I don't understand how people can be so hurtful over the internet.
What satisfaction do they get from hurting a complete stranger? They don't know their victim. The victim could be suicidal, depreased, anorexic, the possibilities are endless. Calling someone a mean name, even a complete stranger, could be the one thing that seperates the victim from life and death. Even if you don't tie the noose or pull the trigger, if your cruel words pushed them over the edge, you are liable for that. Do you want that on your consious?
I'm gonna sit right here, on the edge of this pier,

The worst thing about today's children isn't that they watch Twilight or listen to Justin Bieber.
It's that they don't play outside anymore.
- Unknown                                                     

"Muffins are just ugly cupcakes."
No. Cupcakes are not beautiful. They are exactly like muffins, except cupcakes feel the need to hide behind "makeup" and "accessories". Take all of that off, and muffins and cupcakes are exactly the same. So while cupcakes aren't comfortable in their skin, muffins are. Muffins let the world see who they really are rather than what they're pretending to be. Be a muffin in a world of cupcakes.