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Hey there. I make quotes, no I used to. Idk anymore. But I'm literally always online idk why.

Quotes by craziirose

Let the darkness cover me like a blanket.
Let me quietly slip away, fade into the darkness.

No one would notice anyways.


In class, we were to write what was our favorite subject and why. I wrote math because there's an ANSWER to every problem.
"Lighting up lives"
Since 1879
-The Light Bulb

In school, we were to write a list of things we were and would want to be
I wrote most of my positives for who I was and also added awkward and a few flaws.
For who I wanted to be, I wrote a confident girl
who doesn't need her glasses to hide behind,
who isn't afraid to be judged,
and could just be herself without any fear of judgement.


Me: *talking on the phone with friend*
Older brother: Who are you talking you?
Me: A ghost from outerspace.
Older brother: *shakes head*
My friend: *laughs*
Me: What does that even mean?


You'll never believe

what this girl did to herself 
for herself.

I'm my little brother's diary.
Beat that


Sometimes I feel lik
my entire existence

means nothing.

*Eating KFC for dinner* 
Sister: Who wants chicken skin?!

At the moment, being 'blind' was my only chance of survival. Turning my back on all the evil in the world, the things I did not want to see or experience. 

I pretended not to see certain things and by doing so I lost so much. Betrayal, broken trust, and tears.

By turning a blind eye to all the bad in the world, I let it grow.

Any maybe if my eyes were kept open, I would have seen it coming.


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