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Hey there. I make quotes, no I used to. Idk anymore. But I'm literally always online idk why.

Quotes by craziirose

I used to be afraid
of being different, being me.
 Afraid of rejection.
But not anymore. 
Life's too short to care about what other people think of you.
Be happy and you'll just see how beautiful life can be.

" Thank you
for believing in my
weirdness. "
-Katy Perry♥

Format by Sandrasaurus

It's okay, you know? It's okay to be you. It's okay to be just not


-Kristen Stewart


This Or That?

[] Curly or Straight [x]

[x] Pizza or Pasta [ ]

[x] Fruit or Vegetables []

[x ] Blonde or Brunette []

[x] Tall or Short []

[x] Taylor Swift or Ke$ha []

[x] Katy Perry or Lady Gaga []

[x] Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson []

[x] Eminem or Drake []

[x] Bruno Mars or Big Time Rush []

[x] Pink or Purple []

[] PINK or Hollister [x]

[x] Blue or Green []

[] Cheetah or Zebra [x]

[x] USA or UK []

[] London or Paris [x]

[] Winter or Summer [x]

[] Hot Guys or Smart Guys [x]

[x] Uggs or Flip Flops [x](both!)

[] Love or Friendship [x]

[x] Beautiful or Hot []

[x] Pancakes or Waffles []

[ ] Cake or Cookies [x]

[] Vanilla or Chocolate [x]

[] Boyfriend or Guyfriend [x]

[] 1 Best Friend or Several Close Ones [x]
Try it for yourself! ☺ 

True Story:

Me: You're pretty.
My friend: What do you want from me?
My friend: 
Me: -_-

Real friends don't care if you're pretty or not.
They love for you.

Love is like the wind. You can't see it, but you could feel it.

-A Walk to Remember

 She get's 
high on air!

winky frown


'What Makes You Beautiful"

starts playing on the radio my math teacher had on during class, and all the girls went crazy singing along and dancing, and the guys were like wtf.

I hate it when
I have the perfect quote in my mind, and then by the time I get to add the quote, I completely forget it.

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