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Hey there. I make quotes, no I used to. Idk anymore. But I'm literally always online idk why.

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My  milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

*All the boys are lactose intolerant*

*All the boys die*

                    {     JUST LIKE ASTHMA
                                     YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY.


Me : *Cooks romantic for two*
Me : *Eats alone twice*
                                                                    do you ever look in a mirror and think why..


                                               I so perfect
I almost find it pointless to follow yourcool

because all of her quotes show up in the top section anyways
I've built up my walls.
Brick by brick, I set up my defenses. I intertwined them with reason so as not to get hurt. Not to open up my defenses. I've finished me wall and wrapped it in spikes so that no one would bother. I set up a fog of 'toughness' around the spikes so no one would see. No one would know there's something to defend.
People don't bother anymore.
My friends tore down all that though. That's why I'm scared. Scared they'll hurt me too. I've had enough of that happening to me. So? I may be 'insensitive' and 'mean', but if it means I don't show my only weak side, I'm ok with it.
This quote does not exist.

5 Kinds Of Fear

3.15 Missed calls from Mum
4."We have to talk"
5. "Wrong Password"

I just found out that speaking to your plants only helps them because
you're breathing carbon dioxide on it. I thought that talking to them just kinda worked becuase you were being nice and encouraged them and supported them emotionally.

                                      if you think about it, balloons are really weird
                                     "happy birthday, here's a plastic sack of my breath"