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Hey guys, so I guess I just wanted to make this as a goodbye. Well, not from witty as a whole. I'm not leaving witty. I'm just leaving this account. I kinda got sick of it so my new account name is skylinesandturnstiles if you want to follow me there, feel free to because I'm not forcing you. Goodbye.
Do you ever try to get into a band you hear
a lot about and then you listen to them and
they're not very good, because same
It's been 2 months today... can someone kill me?
Okay so, I never got out the full truth about MCR and I. I'm gonna tell you the whole story this time. I'm not making you listen either, just wanna get it out there. A long time ago in the year 2010, I was at home with my siblings watching the 2010 Video Game Awards. My Chemical Romance were playing a song at that show. The song was called Planetary (GO!). Instantly when I heard it, I knew there was something special about My Chemical Romance. After the VGAs were over, I asked my sister about MCR. She downloaded The Black Parade to my mp3. I fell so in love with that album, that it was pretty much all i would listen to. Later on, I asked about more of their stuff. My sister said that she had Danger Days. I wanted her to download it to my mp3. She had said that it wasn't very good. I didn't believe her, so she downloaded it anyway. At first, I didn't like it. I had stopped listening to them for a while. One day, in the summer of 2011, I was sitting on my bed listening to Green Day. Out of nowhere I got a feeling in my chest. A sort of empty sadness. I was missing something. I couldn't think of what. I started crying, so I switched the song to something a little more upbeat. It wasn't helping at all. I knew what had to be done. I pulled out The Black Parade and put it in the CD player. I felt completely better. I was now crying tears of joy. I had missed My Chemical Romance so much. I tried Danger Days again, and fell in love. I mentally slapped myself because I felt dumb for not loving it before. Later on, during the spring break of 2012, I bought Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Then, I found I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Every single song by MCR that I had heard just blew my mind. I never really felt like a real fan because of what I had done. The one time I let them slip away left me with regret. I tried to make it up to them in a way. Okay, so lets go back to 2011. MCR and Blink 182 were on the honda civic tour. I think it was September 4th that they played a show here. I was stoked for so long because I wanted to go to that concert so badly. I had asked my mom but she told me no. I was devastated. I thought that it wouldn't be the only chance I would get to see my heroes live. I was wrong. On March 22nd 2013, my world was shattered. For an entire week I felt empty and broken. My Chemical Romance mean the world to me. They are so much more than just a band. They're my heroes. I was never suicidal, but in a way MCR saved me. They saved me from what I was becoming. I owe them everything. Someday I will thank them. I need to. They inspire me and so many others daily. They will always be saving lives. Even if they're not a band anymore. The message is still there. It always will be. I'm going to carry on with what they started. Saving lives. Making a difference.
I will be home in a while
You don't have to say a word
I can't wait to see you smile
Wouldn't miss it for the world
Mom: I think you have an unhealthy obsession with My Chemical Romance


And today is the day I get a happy birthday from the witty cats
Yeah no I will never get over the MCR breakup and if you try to make me get over it or say anything about it I will throw you off a cliff.
Happy birthday Gerard Arthur Way. Stay beautiful, keep it ugly. We love you.
Is This A Fall Out Boy Song Title Or A My Chemical Romance Album Title- by Panic! At The Disco