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My name is sarah. And im 16 yrs old. I have a boyfriend and i love him with all my heart. I love to write poems, i love doin most of all the girly things lol.. thats all about me for naw later

Quotes by crazychica28

~*~Love is like a seed...plant and take care of it, and it will [G.R.O.W]~*~
All you need is a lil faith an trust
& pixie dust... Take my hand
We'll make it -- I swear
״) No One can ever promise you
. that they w o n ' t hurt you
( Because it will happen at one point
`. or another ; but the real promise
) is if the time you spent together
. will be w o r t h all the pain
(.*` i n t h e e n d

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