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Quotes by crazyinlove644

The tan lines may fade

but the memories  will

last                             a                lifetime


(      b    o    r    d     e   r       ;      n   o    t     m  i    n     e      )      
[ c  r    ed   i   t    fo   r     t   h  e      e  d  i   t     )   

What's               better?
a lie that draws a smile?
or the truth that draws a tear?
over & over
I tried

over & over
you lied

over & over
  I cried
& i dont know why</3

What hurts the most    ;
was being so close   '
& having so much to
say ; and watching you  \
walk away     


Its been a long time since you
called me ; how could you forget about
me; you gotta be feeling craz
wait for you ; elliot yamin

Its hard to answer    ;
the question " What wrong? "
when nothings right
I keep trying
to convince myself
that im over '
you      ;      &
i dont that its ever
going to work.

smile ; so the tears dont fall
l augh   ; l i k e you don t  h u rt  a t   a l l  .
fake it , so he'll never know .
that   you   still   havent   let   him   go

( credit for the edit )
& She will fool everyone
with her fake smile ;
& pretend laugh//

& I wish i could explain
to you the feeling i get  '
when i see you         ;