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Everyone's perfect

in their own imperfect ways

Hai guys(: My name's Abby and it is pretty safe to say i am witty obsessed. I am
fourteen and love to write, dream and love.  I may have a lot of friends, but don't have a best friend.  I am who I am and I don't give a crap about people who don't
like me.  Hit me up whenever you lile, I promise I don't bite!....hard...  Follow me and
I will literally love you forever.


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Quotes by crazylifelover

Woah...just got back on witty after possibly years?  Its changed....a lot....

i'd  just  like  to  point  out
that 69% of people support gay marriage.
so the other day I was with my friend in the car with her little sister.

we were driving in some super shady area when her little sister yelled "LOOK ITS A MURDER!"
we all got super freaked out and her mom drove back and was like "Wheres the murder?!?!" you know, freaking out but trying to hide it.  then her little sister said "look there! isn't it pretty?" and we all got really creeped out.  we were like "what? your a four year old little girl, you aren't supposed to about murders, nonetheless think their pretty!" but she kept pointing to nothing to we eventually just ignored her and went on our way.  about five minutes later she said "its another murder! and another!  look at all those murders"  we were all super confused so we asked her what a murder was and she replied,

"Its a words painted on a wall, obviously." 

we just stared at her for a solid two minutes and then burst out laughing.

she thought graffitti was "murder"

*Me going to bed*
Me: if I go to bed now, I'll get 7 hours 37 minutes and 52 seconds of sleep
Me: 51 seconds
Me: 50 seconds
Me: 49 seconds
Me: WOAH how did I get my laptop up here with me?
Me: well i guess I have to go on witty
Me: and facebook
Me: and tumblr
Me: and twitter
Me: and pinterest
Me: we might as well look at the news
Me: dude what am I thinking, I never check the news. *puts laptop down*
Me: sh/t.  its been like two hours,  now I'll only get 5 hours of sleep, better fall asleep NOW.  no distractions
Me: I wonder what would happen if I just became a completely different person tomorrow and I was really outgoing and fun and everyone loved me.  I mean, I could change the world.  It just takes one person to make a difference.  That could be me.   I COULD CHANGE THE WORLD.  LOOK OUT WORLD. HERE I COME!
Me: loljk.
Me: okay, i'm gonna fall asleep now.
Me: any minute now
Me: awesome, I'm almost asleep
*suddenly needs to pee, remembers the 582935 tons of homework I have to do, and that I have to go to school early tomorrow*
Me: -_-
Me: i'm done.
 “That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like picking your breakfeast cereals based on color instead of taste.” 
-john green

         cayou imagine when your future kids ask

when you were born and you're just like, oh. last millenuim.

yeah 90's kids!

nothing is worse
than finding out all youfriends
hung out without 

i really want a friend on here that won't fade away.  That I could call my BEST witty friend and they would call me the same thing.  And it would last.

Anyone want a new friend?

I promise I'll be there for you no matter what(:
         I  liteRllcan't stand THis wOrld anymore                                
I just don't understand how a man could get so mad at his mom that he had to kill innocent children over it.  I can't even begin to imagine being one of their parents or siblings.  Or friends.  Can you imagine?
 What if one of those little boys or girls were begging their mom not to go to school?  What if they faked sick but the mom forced them to go?  Can you image the guilt?  What if one of those little boys or girls asked their mom to make them some waffles or pancakes that morning.  And the mom refused and told them to get some cereal.  Or maybe their older sister yelled at them for jumping on their bed to wake them up for school? 

Today i saw a quote today giving the school's website.  And I looked under staff and saw names of people that aren't even alive today.  On that website I saw a note from the principal from a little while  ago.  She is dead now.  The news reported that she risked her own life to save the kids.  No i'm not
talking about running away and calling the police.  She lunged at him.  She went straight towards the  gun.  She tried to take him down and went down in the process.  And she had 5 daughters. I can't stress enough that she was real.  These kids are real. 

This isn't just a newstory.  This is life.


Maybe he's doing the same thing as me... maybe he wants

~~~~~~ so bad to call me, but just won't

because i haven't called him.

then again, maybe i shouldn't fill myself

....with false hope....


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