*Yours Truly*

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{you will only find broken things here.
Enjoy your stay}
Pisces/Writer/A little absent
I'm in love with everything I've ever had, and everyone I ever met
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Quotes by *Yours Truly*

I'm sorry I can't get out of bed today.
All of this baggage cripples me like a demon
on my back. I thought leaving would
make things easier to bear, but I've never
heard of someone choking on panic
over the feathers they carry in their pockets.
I keep with me all of the hatchets that
were ever buried into my skin while I
stood helpless, though none of them
will ever be evidence for the murder
of the girl I once was--I keep them for
the feel of blood on my fingers.
It reminds me of home.
I want to grow up, and move out,
and fill my work desk with plants
I take care of better than I take care of

I want to drive away and change my name
so it can mean something and I can too.

I want breathing to be easy.
I want to hurt when the sun sets,
not when it rises.

I want to grow into my ears,
and out of my clothes,
stop wanting stupid tattoos
and picturing myself laying on train tracks.

I'm terribly sorry for my absence,
you see I was a touch too busy for witty.
I fell in love with someone nearly a year
ago, and to this day, I get excited for
every single date, but I'm still trying to
figure out how to write about being


Well, once upon a time, there was
a hunter, a wolf, and a fox.
As you can imagine, it didn't end well.


Oh, look, your scars look like mine.


And they'll ask "Is he the one?"
and f.ck, he should be,
and f.ck, he isn't.


I took all of the blood you left behind
in the wake of your massacre
and made stains across the canvas
in patterns that echoed you.
At least some beauty came from your chaos.

~And now that's it's over, I'll never be sober~
I'm sorry but I fell in love tonight.
I didn't mean to fall in love tonight.
You're looking like you fell in love tonight.
Could we pretend that we're in love tonight?

My definitions on happiness are a bit shaky.

I can't tell whether it was his smirk and dumb jokes in the middle of the night.
Competitions, eye contact, fingers brushing, eye rolls, half-hearted smiles,
trophies, yelling at the tv, and blue irises.

Or if it's your smile and your eyes lit up from across the table.
Chairs, and pillows, stories and dreams, hopes, nose taps, sunlight,
sitting in an empty room with pages of feelings, random texts, and eyes
the color of the grass through each season.

I can't tell if it's tears over each other, or tears with each other.

Maybe it's letting go of people who don't want to stay,
and fighting for people who do, and being okay with it all.