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Quotes by CorindaW.*

"I still love you..."
Is the saddest sentence ever, but I miss you like crazy.
And I hope you're happy with her now.
But don't forget about me.....
Beautiful smile to hide the pain...
Did  you  forget  that  I  was  even  alive , did  you  forget  everything  we  ever  had?
You  can  bandage  the  damage ,  but  you  never  really  can  fix  a  heart....❤
Pray  For  Boston...❤
My  family  is  breaking  apart.  And  so  am  I.
Have  you  ever  wanted  to  ask  someone  a  question,  but  didn't  because  you  knew  your  heart  couldn't  handle  the  answer. . . ?
- Every time  she  laughs  she  hopes  hes  watching. Not  so  he  can  see  she  is  happy  without  him,  but so  that  maybe,  just  maybe,  he  will  fall  in  love  with  her  smile  just  as  hard  as  she  fell  for  his... nmq
  You  are  my  biggest  {What  if....} l   a    n    e .
It  seems  like  if   I  left , no  one  would  even  notice  that  I  was  gone. . . .