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witty kinda sucks now so... bye :D


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creativeusername97's Favorite Quotes

What  if  April  Fool' s  day  doesn’ t  exist  and  its  been  the  longest  prank  in  Histor?
Tomorrow, we will find out
who 'A' is! Who do you think it is?

This quote does not exist.

Sometimes I feel like I start to annoy people,
so I distance myself from them
and   then they just  forget about me.

Dude chill,
it's GYM, not the olympics.


when's your curfew?
curfew is for people who actually leave the house.


When it's Awkward,

You immediately pull out your phone and start pretending to text.

10+ faves and I'll do a series(:


Who's more blind
Phineas and Ferb's mom, or Dora?

Josh: This is my worst birthday ever!
Drake: Is it because you ran over Oprah?
Josh: No, because it's a little humid--YES, IT'S BECAUSE I RAN OVER OPRAH!